Automated Remediation: Your IT Expertise as a Service


Riverbed's digital experience management offerings are a boon to IT help desks — and the numbers prove it. A recent survey of IT staff in shops that use SteelCentral Aternity has shown that Aternity cuts down on both incident resolution time and overall trouble ticket volume.

Now, Aternity's automated remediation can help reduce these numbers even more and improve other key performance indicators (KPIs). Automated remediation takes much of the grunt work out of IT's hands, reducing the toll that repetitive tasks take on company resources.

"If IT finds itself dealing with the same user complaints or the same device problems repeatedly, with your team doing the same type of fix, that can chew up big portions of their day," says Riverbed Product Evangelist Mike Marks. "This is a great opportunity to save time and expense and frustration by automating this with our new remediation capability."

Let's learn about the kinds of problems automated remediation can solve for you.

EUEM insight guides IT

Aternity gives you insight into the real-world experience of your end users. That's always meant that you can zero in on the problems your users are encountering, tracking down where those problems are happening, and correcting them — often even before users complain. The result, as shown in the numbers from a recent TechValidate survey of Riverbed customers in Figure 1, is that users file fewer trouble tickets and the ones they do file get resolved faster.

Figure 1. Riverbed Aternity improves IT KPIs

Despite the advantages Aternity gives you, traditionally, once IT tracked down a problem, they'd solve it by traditional means — manually. And while some issues IT encounters are challenges worthy of a skilled technical staff, many others are rote and repetitive work that requires the same solution every time.

Automate IT's knowledge

Your IT staff already knows how to tackle those problems; the goal is to implement those known solutions as quickly as possible. Most IT departments already do this in part with runbooks, written compilations of routine procedures and operations.

Those runbooks will be your guides as you take advantage of Aternity's new automated remediation features. "You can’t automate a process until you understand how to do it manually," says Marks. But conversely, once you've documented how a manual process works, you're ready to take the next step to get it off of your plate.

Script your troubles away

With Aternity automated remediation, your IT department writes scripts to solve commonly confronted problems. In some circumstances this enables you to resolve problems automatically, without the user contacting IT at all; in others, intervention now involves lower levels of IT, freeing more expensive staffers with advanced technical skills to focus on tougher problems. This isn't a vendor trying to impose a cookie-cutter solution on you: You're using Riverbed's tools to automate your hard-earned local knowledge about how your own systems work.

What sorts of problems can you solve with Aternity automated remediation? Here are two examples:

  • Perhaps your users tend to let files pile up in the Recycle Bins on their laptops. This might reduce the amount of available disk space to dangerously low levels. Aternity can monitor user machines to make sure they aren't running low on storage, and, if they are, ask the user for permission to empty out the Recycle Bin.
  • When your workforce is on the road, they need timely access to your intranet and other business-critical web apps. If they have trouble getting to these pages, sometimes all that's needed is to clear the cache on their browser and try again. You could build an automated remediation action to take this step so they can maintain their productivity.

To see automated remediation in action, check out this video from Riverbed:

 As you can imagine, automatic remediation doesn't just make users happy: It improves the life of IT staffers as well. "If you're in IT, you want a challenging problem," says Marks. "Something interesting to figure out, not just 'Mike can't connect to the intranet.'"

With automated remediation, he says, "your customers waste less time being subjected to these problems, and IT wastes less time solving them. It's a win all around."

Get ready to get automated

For Aternity SaaS customers, automated remediation is available today at no extra cost. Dive in and start scripting.

In his blog post "Four Ways Automated Remediation Drives up Service Desk KPIs," Mike Marks gets into the nitty-gritty of how this new feature can help your bottom line. For more information on how Riverbed digital experience management can improve key performance indicators, register for "5 Ways to Improve Your Most Important Service Desk KPIs," a free webinar. If you're new to Aternity and intrigued by the possibilities, visit our product page.