Become a Digital Performance Expert with New Riverbed Training


Riverbed is breaking new ground with the launch of the Riverbed Certified Performance Engineering (RCPE) training program. This first-of-its-kind training was developed by Riverbed’s very own digital performance experts with one major goal: to help others establish themselves as digital performance engineering experts.

“We’re providing the best practices that we use in the real world when we engage with customers. This is what we do, and we want to share that knowledge with others,” says Justin Itin, Marketing Manager of the Verticals and Services Solutions Group at Riverbed.

RCPE: Miles apart from other training

Traditional technical training typically focuses on products, not solutions or outcomes, says Itin. As a result, IT staff learn how to configure specific products, but they don’t gain the skills necessary to optimize performance.

RCPE is different. Unlike other training programs, RCPE goes much further by training participants how to optimize the performance of modern IT services.  Trainees learn to master the principles of performance engineering — and how to apply them in the real world — so they can bring real business value to their organizations.

“There’s no training that I know of today that focuses just on performance management and performance engineering. If you want to know about either, come to Riverbed. We’re teaching IT professionals to think strategically about how you can use performance, what it can do and what’s possible,” Itin adds.

Benefits of the training include: Better performing IT services, faster troubleshooting, more proficient and higher performing employees, increased ROI, happier customers, and more.

End-to-end spectrum of digital performance management

“So many vendors or competitors out there are focused on one particular area. They’re one track and siloed. They might cover application visibility, for example, but they don’t cover network, infrastructure, or more importantly the end users,” says Itin.

That’s why RCPE is so innovative. It covers the whole spectrum of digital performance and digital performance management solutions, presented across five tracks:

  • Network and Infrastructure
  • EUE and Application Visibility
  • WAN Optimization
  • Network Configuration
  • Visualization and Storage

A little something for everyone

Who should attend RCPE? “Anyone who is trying to solve business challenges using IT solutions, and every IT professional who’s interested in getting into the digital performance management space,” says Itin.

The program provides three certification levels — Associate, Professional, and Expert — offered in self-paced and virtual or on-site instructor-led training. Participants start with the Foundational course and then decide how far they want to go. It’s truly customizable and designed to provide trainees with plenty of flexibility.

Start — for free — with a quick email

We are so proud of the RCPE program that we are offering the 3.5-hour, self-paced Foundations Level free to everyone — even if you aren’t a Riverbed customer or partner. Signing up is easy. Just email, and a Riverbed representative will send you access to the training.

You have nothing to lose, so sign up today and take the first step toward becoming a digital performance expert.