De-Risk Your Migration to Windows 10 with SteelCentral Aternity


New exclusive data on Microsoft Windows 10 migrations shows that most enterprises are just getting started (see below for the details). With support for Windows 7 expiring in January 2020, it seems like there’s some work to do.

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Fortunately, you’ve got a way to make the migration easier and less risky: Riverbed SteelCentral Aternity. Aternity gives you real-time data about what your end users are experiencing as you roll out Windows 10, which is exactly what you need to ensure that things are going well.

Let's take a look at what that aggregated data collected by Aternity SaaS can tell us about the state of Windows 10 — and what Aternity can do for you as you plan or continue your migration.

“A lot of data on Windows 10 migration you see out there is extrapolated from surveys of ‘representative’ companies; ours provides a reliable, live snapshot of Windows 10 migration."

- Mike Marks | SteelCentral Product Evangelist at Riverbed

Real customers, real data on Windows 10

"We can get an actual snapshot of more than a million devices being monitored by Aternity across hundreds of customers," explains SteelCentral Product Evangelist Mike Marks. "And because it’s a SaaS monitoring system, we can look at the entire population of customers being monitored by Aternity and draw interesting trends and insights. A lot of data on Windows 10 migration you see out there is extrapolated from surveys of ‘representative’ companies; ours provides a reliable, live snapshot of Windows 10 migration."

Among the tidbits revealed:

  • The overall data shows that migration is definitely becoming more common — but most enterprises are just getting started
  • Companies in Europe and the Middle East lead the pack in nearing completion of their Windows 10 migrations, followed by Asia Pacific and the Americas
  • Adoption varies widely by industry: Nearly 70 percent of companies in the energy sector are well into their Windows 10 adoption, while half of legal firms are just starting theirs

To get all the details on how you stack up relative to customers in your industry and your geography, check out this blog post from Aternity's Roi Zargari.

How Aternity helps de-risk your Windows 10 migration

The Riverbed clients we've gathered this data from have a leg up in their Windows 10 migrations. How? Simply because they're de-risking their migrations by using Aternity to assess how that migration is affecting user experience, application performance, and device health.

For instance, if your enterprise is using the Deming Cycle, a four-step iterative management method used to improve processes and products, for your Windows upgrade, Aternity can be there for you through the process:

  • Plan: Aternity can help you plan your migration by giving you total visibility into your enterprise’s Windows device landscape
  • Do: Aternity collects data during the Do phase of the Deming Cycle for analysis in subsequent steps
  • Check: In the Check stage in the cycle, Aternity can help you compare the performance of multiple applications and devices before and after an upgrade
  • Act: The Act phase of the cycle involves moving forward into ongoing operations, and SteelCentral Aternity can help with the monitoring needed here

For more great details on how Aternity can de-risk your Window migration, check out this video from Riverbed:

More migration and de-risking resources

We've just scratched the surface here of how Aternity and Riverbed can help make your Windows 10 migration easier. For more information, check out:

Figure 1. The SteelCentral Aternity Validate Configuration Change dashboard helps compare performance before and after an upgrade.

SteelCentral Aternity is for everyone

You might associate Riverbed's solutions with very large enterprises with sprawling, complex infrastructure. But everyone, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller enterprises, is grappling with a Windows 10 migration — and as a flexible SaaS-based solution, Aternity can meet your enterprise where you need it to.

Whether you're still in the first steps of your migration or you're gaining ground, Riverbed has the products and services to help you de-risk your Windows 10 migration and assure a successful transition to this new operating system.