Every App Matters: Why Riverbed Is Unifying Application Performance and End-User Experience Monitoring


Most companies today are launching into some form of digital transformation project to drive new revenue streams, improve customer service, raise workforce productivity, and improve relationships with partners. Those initiatives won't work unless customers, employees, and partners have positive experiences with the business-critical applications on which they rely.

Yet the reality is that, according to the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Management (APM), companies use APM products on only 5 percent of business-critical apps, mostly focusing instead on web and mobile platforms.

Apps no longer left out

"Left out of the conversation are thick client apps like SAP, or apps that are run on point of sale devices," says Mike Marks, Riverbed Product Evangelist for SteelCentral. "Today’s companies have hundreds, if not thousands, of business-critical apps. You should worry about the digital experience of all types of apps that run in your enterprise, like CRM apps used in call centers, or electronic health record apps deployed on the tablets used by nurses and doctors."

Here's the big news: Riverbed has enhanced the SteelCentral suite to address the other 95 percent of your application portfolio. We spoke to Marks to get the inside story on one big improvement: the unification of APM and End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) for SteelCentral SaaS customers.

The unification of APM and EUEM

The latest release of SteelCentral introduces a SaaS-delivered, unified EUEM and APM solution that helps you understand the performance that all your apps have on users’ experience. With SteelCentral, a unified licensing program enables you to seamlessly provision both EUEM and APM monitoring of your business-critical apps as circumstances dictate.

"Imagine that as part of a digital transformation effort, your company is opening a new set of branch offices in a new geographic location, or consolidating data centers," says Marks. In today’s environment, the IT infrastructure is constantly evolving, and you’ve got be able to flexibly deploy your monitoring capabilities as your business evolves to meet customer needs.”

Marks goes on to say that no vendor but Riverbed offers both integration between EUEM and APM that enables service desk staff to quickly troubleshoot end user devices and the application back end, and the unified licensing that allows you to shift your monitoring from devices to mobile apps to back end application components as needed.

This is unlike traditional APM solutions that:

  • Monitor the end user experience of only certain types of applications, such as web and mobile, or just apps developed in-house
  • Make a trade-off between scale and data quality by sampling transactions, or taking shortcuts with transaction metadata or the depth of the call stack to which they monitor

A complete package

There are other great improvements in the latest SteelCentral release that bind APM and EUEM closer together and can help you on your digital transformation journey:

  • Availability of SteelCentral Aternity and SteelCentral AppInternals solutions on the ServiceNow Store
  • Integration between Aternity and Riverbed Xirrus Wi-Fi, providing users with a bi-directional, one-click drill down between the end user device and the wireless access control point, to speed up the time to isolate and resolve end user issues on Wi-Fi

"If you’re using our end user experience monitoring today on SaaS, you’re using it because you care about the digital experience of those business-critical apps," says Marks. "With this upgrade, you can now use a portion of your SteelCentral agents to monitor some of the 95 percent your business apps that you’re not currently using using your APM tool to monitor. It's not too expensive or complex anymore. And that's crucial, because every app matters, every user matters, and every transaction matters."

Find out more about SteelCentral SaaS from the Riverbed website. Or access a free APM trial or get instant access to Aternity EUEM. And if you want more information on how unified licensing between SteelCentral AppInternals and Aternity works, check out this video from Riverbed.