Master Digital Transformation with Riverbed’s Performance Command Center


Technology advances in fits and starts; a small achievement in one area, then a paradigm change in another. So even as today's breakthroughs in digital services and disruptive technologies, such as the cloud, big data, IoT, and mobile computing, are revolutionizing business, other areas still wait for their transformative moment.

IT knows this well, as it struggles to maintain visibility and control in this rapidly changing and more demanding landscape while awaiting concurrent advancements in its own tools. Yet, IT leaders are being asked to provide greater agility, availability, and predictability of technology to improve the performance of the business.

Introducing the Performance Command Center

To this end, Behezad Mehta, Riverbed's Vice President of Services and Customer Success, puts forth a compelling solution to help enterprises digitally transform their businesses: the Performance Command Center. Imagine the Performance Command Center as a one-stop, all-in-one solution that restores performance, control, and visibility across all of today's varied IT domains — end-users, applications, network, and infrastructure. Armed with accurate, real-time and actionable insights, your IT team can address would-be issues preemptively, instead of waiting for things to break.

The Performance Command Center is completely achievable today, and some Riverbed customers are already reaping the benefits. Riverbed Connections spoke with Mehta to learn more.

Services, in every sense

As Mehta explains, Riverbed Professional Services (RPS) is launching the Performance Command Center services suite. He calls it "a services suite" because it comprises modular performance management and technology capabilities to form a complete solution that is designed and flexibly delivered to you based on your desired outcomes.

But don't think of it as just a stack of technology products. Mehta's words are carefully chosen: It's a suite of services. The customer's desired business outcomes are the ultimate driver of what this might entail. RPS has developed a comprehensive process through which its industry experts determine your needs, level of performance management maturity, recommend relevant technologies, and provide any necessary capabilities, such as skills, processes, workflows, KPIs, Governance in the resulting solution's use.

Riverbed Performance Command Center

"Our focus is on the services; not just enabling technology, but enabling technology to achieve those specific outcomes from a performance standpoint, and then also helping the customer's internal process development and skills development," says Mehta. "It’s not just implementing hardware or software products. It’s about the business and improving business performance."

So think bigger picture. Riverbed’s Performance Command Center services suite is not just about implementing a technology stack (though that's part of it), but building a whole performance practice, an internal culture of performance management excellence and continuous service improvement that leads to those identified, desired business outcomes. In short, RPS helps clients build performance management capabilities with the necessary technology — integrated digital experience management and next-generation networking — to create an exceptional digital experience in the digital transformation journey.

More than a journey; a destination

Because every customer's digital transformation is at a different stage of maturity, and different enterprises have different internal practices and cultures, there's no one-size-fits-all plan for building a Performance Command Center.

The journey begins with the Performance Management Maturity Assessment, which evaluates critical application risks and the enterprise's key performance indicators (KPIs). From this RPS will assemble a best practices roadmap for improving performance management maturity, outlining how IT can evolve from being reactive, to proactive, to predictive, and ultimately to preemptive.

As Mehta notes, every organization is unique, and will require different steps to achieve its desired outcomes. And just as Riverbed's portfolio of performance management solutions is modular, so too is the path to building a Performance Command Center.

"One company might want to start by mastering end-user experience monitoring," says Mehta. "Or they could start with network performance and then expand to application performance. The ultimate goal is to take the client through the entire performance maturity lifecycle and build the Performance Command Center with a suite of services offerings at the pace that best aligns with their business reality and goals."

The flexibility needed for digital transformation

The Riverbed Performance Command Center is not just focused on IT, but on a wide range of groups in the business to help drive their initiatives. For example, if your desired outcomes focus heavily on efficiencies in end-user productivity, then you might want a Performance Command Center tailored to end-user experience and services.

Or perhaps your IT operations team requires more real-time and historical insights for better management and planning of resources. Or perhaps the C-suite should have access to up-to-the-minute business indicators to help better inform the decision-making process. Easily done. Better yet, the Performance Command Center can be designed to accommodate all aspects of the business that are responsible for delivering digital services and critical applications to customers and end-users to drive business performance.

Three service delivery and hosting models: You choose your involvement

The same flexibility applies to delivery and hosting options. RPS offers three Performance Command Center service delivery models:

  • Deploy and Operate: Your team purchases the relevant technologies, and Riverbed Professional Services deploys, operates, and manages the service as needed
  • Deploy and Transfer: Riverbed Professional Services deploys and stands up the service and then transitions the operation to your team
  • Managed "as a Service": Riverbed Professional Services deploys, operates, and manages using an "as a Service" model and delivers specific business outcomes, providing the technology and outcome-based services in a subscription format

The service can also be provided with the relevant technologies hosted in the following options:

  • Hosted On-Premise: Technology hosted on your on-premise environment
  • Hosted in Customer Cloud: Technology hosted on your cloud environment
  • Hosted by Riverbed: Technology hosted on Riverbed’s secured cloud environment

As needs change, so must an organization's performance management strategy. True to its name, digital transformation is transforming the way business operates, so flexibility and agility are a must. RPS understands, so the variable path to the Performance Command Center reflects this.

Learn more

To learn about the Performance Command Center concept and how Riverbed Professional Services can help your company achieve its goals, read the solution brief, "Maximize Your Business Performance in the Digital and Cloud-Era."

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