Not Just for the Back Office: How Riverbed Makes Your Retail Operations Shine


You know Riverbed has great solutions for IT and enterprise networking. But you might be surprised to learn that Riverbed solutions also shine in the retail space. Riverbed has real solutions for some of the toughest problems for retailers, making your life easier by:

  • Improving customer shopping experiences
  • Making it possible to rapidly deploy digital services
  • Boosting same-store profits

Let's take a look at the business challenges Riverbed can help retailers overcome.

#1. Improve customer shopping experiences

In the omnichannel world of retail today the distinction between online and in-person retail is blurring, and your customers expect access to digital services even when they're in your brick-and-mortar locations. With Riverbed's solutions you can improve the performance of the applications your customers rely on. You can also gain visibility into your end users' digital experiences, which can help you proactively resolve issues and improve service quickly — whether problems are due to the application, network, or user device.

Some specific benefits Riverbed can deliver:

  • Provide always-on, high-performance, rich-media experience, online and in-store
  • Monitor and adapt to customer behavior online and in-store
  • Ensure quality of customer experience and satisfaction
  • Click-to-ship merchandise that isn't in stock so that you don't lose an in-person sale

Case Study: Southeastern Grocers

This chain of supermarket brands was having trouble with their digital loyalty program. Voucher codes that were supposed to be delivered to customers arrived late — often after the customer had left the store, or even after the voucher had expired. Riverbed SteelCentral helped tackle these application and infrastructure issues. With these bottlenecks addressed, service performance reached desired levels and new issues were easily identified and resolved before service interruptions arose.

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#2. Rapidly deploy digital services

In the modern retail world, you need to be able to pivot quickly to new business strategies — and that means quickly rolling out the IT services and capabilities you need to support new retail initiatives.

Riverbed's solutions can provide a faster, more agile, and more secure network that helps IT deliver new services securely and ensures a superior customer experience. Riverbed can also supply a single, preconfigured, and remotely manageable appliance to retail locations that provides the IT power and flexibility you need.

With Riverbed's help, you can quickly and securely:

  • Enable rapid expansion of retail locations, including pop-up stores
  • Ensure point-of-sale (POS) connectivity and business continuity at stores
  • Reduce in-store IT footprint, complexity, and lifecycle spend
  • Enhance performance of business apps and remove bottlenecks

#3. Boost same-store profits

By centrally managing and securing remote branches, you can reach the same number of customers while cutting down on IT staffing needs. And by simplifying your hardware footprint with converged infrastructure, you can improve connectivity at even your most distant retail outlets, giving them the same level of service as your central HQ — and that will translate into more sales and more profits.

Riverbed technology can boost each retail location's profits in a number of ways:

  • Enabling new services to provide similar in-store and online experiences
  • Reducing downtime and data loss, and speeding disaster recovery
  • Monitoring in-store customer behavior and tailoring their experiences to maximize profit
  • Quickly and securely connecting to cloud-based SaaS apps and customer analytics

Case study: AKI Portugal

This Portuguese-based DYI and gardening chain discovered that its web-based order processing system was taking too long to respond, resulting in slower order entry and poor employee productivity. Employees resorted to using email to send orders from remote branches to central order processing team for manual entry to avoid slow service.

Riverbed solved the problem with SteelHead WANOP to accelerate SharePoint services and SteelHead Mobile for mobile users. Aki saw immediate benefits in improved end user experience. Order processing times were reduced to within SLAs with no need for manual alternatives. Bandwidth costs on AKI WAN were also reduced by 50%.

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