Now Extend All Centralized IT Investments to the Software-Defined Edge


The just-launched Riverbed SteelFusion™ 5.0 delivers much-requested support for Network Attached Storage (NAS) while passing some impressive customer milestones. SteelFusion centralizes IT services and infrastructure in private, public, and hybrid clouds and delivers them securely to any users on the edge. This modern, cloud-like experience makes it easy for IT organizations to manage those increasingly complex, mission-critical ROBO locations. Read the whole article to see how you can benefit.

1,000 customers strong

Just for starters, SteelFusion recently surpassed the 1,000 customer mark, and it’s only gaining momentum as more and more leading global organizations, spread across a diverse array of industries, discover the power of the software-defined edge. What’s more, customers across the globe have deployed more than 9,500 SteelFusion appliances to date.

Virtual SteelFusion is now available

To date, customers have deployed the SteelFusion Edge as a powerful Riverbed appliance, but there are some situations that require a more flexible approach. And that’s why we’re offering Virtual SteelFusion Edge, a version of SteelFusion Edge software that runs on commercially available hardware. It’s ideal for extending the reach of SteelFusion Edge functionality to specialized form factors.

What does this mean for you?

  • You can add more compute power, a graphics card for VDI, or other peripherals to your Edge system
  • You can customize your connectivity needs by adding additional network interfaces or serial ports specific to the needs of your applications
  • You can deploy an all-SSD or hybrid architecture oriented to the performance needs of your applications
  • You can incorporate the complete Riverbed software portfolio, including SteelConnect™ and SteelCentral™, and still have headroom for more applications
  • Your Edge system can meet size, weight, and power restrictions — so you can have a solution in which you vertically mount the server, fit it in a half rack, or install it in far more mobile locations, such as the trunk of a police patrol car.

Virtual SteelFusion Edge is available to order now through Avnet in North America. For more details on Virtual SteelFusion Edge, download this PDF.

NAS support and storage at the edge

Network-attached storage (NAS) has been gaining momentum in the datacenter over the last few years. With ease of configuration, an attractive price point, and comparable performance to block-based storage (iSCSI, Fibre Channel), NAS has become a very viable option for enterprise-class storage needs.

And while the cloud era is certainly upon us, traditional datacenter storage isn’t going away. Most organizations have significant existing investments in the datacenter, even as they plan to migrate to the cloud over the next several years. Enterprise NAS storage systems comprise 36% of the storage backend for virtualized environments — and that trend is growing. (Source: “Demand for Virtual Workloads Sparks Storage Evolution, Says Tegile 2016 State of Storage in Virtualization Survey.“)

“SteelFusion helps us dramatically extend storage to key branch offices for workforce productivity and reduced cost of backup. Using the NFS features have allowed us to support distributed product development activities and protect intellectual assets centrally.”
– Bill Bragg and Petek Utku, Riverbed VPs of IT Infrastructure, Strategy, Planning and Design

Toward that end, SteelFusion 5.0 officially supports NAS via the popular NFS protocol. Riverbed designed SteelFusion to accommodate hybrid infrastructures, so regardless of where your data assets are, in the cloud or a datacenter, SteelFusion has you covered. It supports SAN, it supports NAS, it supports cloud objects — all of which can be seamlessly extended to remote locations regardless of distance from the datacenter.

For more details, see “SteelFusion 5.0 Extends Hybrid Cloud Investments to Edge IT.”

It’s now even easier to use…

SteelFusion 5.0 includes a new streamlined deployment wizard so users can easily provision and configure new applications, services, or even an entire site in a few easy steps from a centralized interface. Watch the video below to see how simple provisioning can be.

Available now

The SteelFusion software-defined approach to edge IT extends all infrastructure investments as well as full-time IT staff to distributed ROBO sites. Regardless of where you are in your cloud journey, SteelFusion simplifies edge IT operations and management. Visit the newly refreshed SteelFusion website to learn more.