Riverbed Helps Global Manufacturer Get to the Root of Performance Challenges — Fast


How can Riverbed SteelCentral™ help far-flung businesses? Consider a new case study that illustrates how Riverbed helped one company shore up major performance problems that arose during its push toward digital transformation — a circumstance that came about because Riverbed strove to put its customers’ needs first.

An incomplete transformation

The company in question is Interplex, a leading precision engineering and manufacturing firm based in Singapore. The company started implementing an ambitious factory automation and digital transformation initiative in 2011, leading to immediate gains in productivity and operational efficiency, and cementing its IT team as a driving force behind the business.

While these gains helped Interplex prosper, it soon became apparent that the plethora of new services and connected devices were beginning to tax an aging network infrastructure, leading to poor application performance that endangered those newfound cost savings and productivity gains. In addition, planned expansion into new regions required the infrastructure to conform to a variety of new regulations, enforced by external auditors.

Something had to change — and quickly. With an eye toward maximizing savings, Interplex initially examined open-source freeware and other basic, low-cost network performance-monitoring solutions. Unfortunately, none checked all the necessary boxes.

Collaboration, not competition

Seeking a better solution, the company consulted the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics, where Riverbed’s position as a “Leader” stood out. Interplex actually had previous Riverbed experience thanks to the company’s existing usage of Riverbed SteelHead™ solutions via managed service provider CITIC Telecom.

Seeking information, Interplex team members met in Singapore with Aniket Deshpande, senior solutions consultant at Riverbed. Whereas competitive vendors had tried to pitch specific products, Deshpande chose to focus only on the customers’ needs, running a few web demos as appropriate, but mostly listening and offering advice.

“We had a few rounds of discussions,” says Deshpande, “trying to understand what exactly they were looking for, what were their compliance requirements, and what were their real pain points. We sought to gain a complete understanding. ”

An opportunity to help

After a few meetings with Deshpande, over which a friendly rapport was formed, Interplex’s bottom-liners opened up about a burning issue that had been plaguing the company for many months: Key Singapore-based SAP NetWeaver servers suffered extremely poor performance when accessed from their U.S.-based entity, as well as from other Asian countries.

Deshpande, who also has a background in troubleshooting, immediately requested packet traces and pulled up SteelCentral Transaction Analyzer to analyze them. Within five minutes SteelCentral Transaction Analyzer generated a report that showed that a number of key URLs were broken, likely leading to the performance issue. Similarly, the report also highlighted that latency (or network delay) was almost 200ms from the Vietnam plant, which, after the U.S., was very vocal about the performance problems.

Armed with this specific information, Interplex IT picked up a phone, called their service provider, and within few hours saw the Vietnam latency plunge from 200ms to 60ms. Needless to say, the IT team was thrilled.

“I think that seeing the ease with which SteelCentral Transaction Analyzer found the root cause, which had been eluding the IT team for months, helped Interplex see why Riverbed’s full-featured products were worth investing in over their previously considered freeware solutions,” says Deshpande.

The power of trust

Interplex chose to adopt a full suite of SteelCentral products, backed up by a guarantee of support from Riverbed Professional Services. Importantly, says Deshpande, a problem-solving approach lead to one of the fastest mean-time-to-resolution situations he’s ever experienced.

For the full technical details on how Riverbed helped Interplex implement SteelHead and SteelCentral across 13 sites, read the full case study, which you can find here:

Case study: “Riverbed Helps Leading Precision Engineering and Manufacturing Company Automate Robotic Manufacturing and Accelerate Digital Transformation”