SteelCentral Aternity Delivers Instant Insights to ServiceNow and Beyond


Here's some exciting news: Riverbed has rolled out bi-directional integration between SteelCentral Aternity and ServiceNow, the market-leading IT Service Management (ITSM) tool. That means IT service desks can now get deep and instant insights into end-user experience problems, without having to leave the tool they use most, as Riverbed Product Evangelist Mike Marks describes in his blog post, "Aternity and ServiceNow – Driving up Service Desk Efficiency and Quality."

Bonus: Aternity is adaptable for other helpdesk tools

Bu­t there's more to the story. The capabilities Riverbed built into Aternity to help it communicate with ServiceNow can be adapted to work with a wide variety of helpdesk tools, either commercial or home-grown. We'll take a quick look at the benefits of Aternity and ServiceNow integration, then explain how Aternity's new abilities can even help IT teams who aren't ServiceNow customers speed up their trouble resolution processes.

ServiceNow and Aternity: Two great tools that work great together

ServiceNow is one of the most popular service desk tools and is a Gartner Magic Quadrant ITSM “Leader” for four years running. It can be used either by internal IT teams or by outsourcers and managed service providers — and many of Riverbed's enterprise customers have already standardized on ServiceNow. There's also an ecosystem of applications and integrations, available on the ServiceNow Store, that provides customers with access to third-party tools like SteelCentral Aternity that are developed and deployed on ServiceNow.

Video: The bi-directional integration between Aternity and ServiceNow provides a closed-loop trouble ticketing workflow that helps Service Desk staff reduce Mean Time to Repair and raise service quality.

So what sets Aternity apart from other offerings that integrate with ServiceNow? Aternity  provides service desk teams with a view of exactly what the user is experiencing — real-world problems involving slow-responding apps and device performance. If Aternity detects these problems at frequencies or thresholds you define, it sends a service desk alert to ServiceNow, automatically creating a ServiceNow incident and trouble ticket for help desk staff to resolve, often before end users complain.

And once the service desk starts grappling with that ticket, they have all the power of Aternity at their fingertips. "If the service desk needs to get more information on the end user issue, there are embedded links inside the ServiceNow incident that automatically launch Aternity dashboards for that specific user or device," says Riverbed Senior Product Manager Adi Mendel. "You don't need to remember the relevant information and jump back and forth between the two systems. We've gotten great feedback from our customers and service provider partners that this will really help speed up the troubleshooting process."

Aternity lets you roll your own

ServiceNow is a great product, but it's not the only solution in the ITSM space, and many shops might be using home-grown service desk management software or practices. Well, there's good news for that situation too: Aternity service desk alerts are platform neutral, and can be sent in a couple different ways outside of ServiceNow:

  • As email alerts, which can be imported by scripts into service desk software or just read by IT staffers
  • Via the REST API, which makes it possible to integrate Aternity with a number of home-grown and off-the-shelf software packages

These alerts extend the reach of Aternity and enable the service team to be much more proactive, providing all the information they need in one location. Whether they rely on ServiceNow or some other solution, they won’t need to use several systems in parallel to find out what's happening on the end user device, and they won’t need to wait until the user calls to track down trouble.

Get the app in the ServiceNow store

The Aternity app is now available for download at the ServiceNow Store. Once downloaded, contact the Aternity SaaS Admin to configure your Aternity system with the URL of your ServiceNow instance to begin receiving service desk alerts.

If you’re not yet an Aternity customer, register for instant access to Aternity running in our cloud environment to explore all of Aternity’s use cases.