SteelFusion's Software-Defined Edge Adds Support for Microsoft Hyper-V


Today, more business than ever takes place in remote office / branch office locations (ROBOs), so it's crucial for IT to deliver the application performance remote workers require without compromising on agility or security. Riverbed SteelFusion is a proven solution that converges and modernizes edge IT—and now, Riverbed is happy to announce that SteelFusion supports Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization platform.

Provisioning IT on the edge

Today some of the most security-driven industries in the world rely on SteelFusion to deliver IT to the edge, including companies in manufacturing, organizations in the government and DOD intel space, and financial services, retail, legal, accounting, and health care providers.

Riverbed SteelFusion is the first and only software-defined edge solution that delivers local performance while enabling remote data and backup centralization, instant provisioning/recovery, and lower total cost of ownership for distributed organizations. SteelFusion uses a unique combination of technologies to help distributed organizations simplify edge IT, including WAN optimization, intelligent storage caching, and virtualization.

SteelFusion enables business at the edge by intelligently and securely caching data local users need, continuously syncing new data back to the datacenter as necessary. By decoupling compute from storage, remote users enjoy local performance and capacity without the need for storage-intensive local architecture. Minimal branch infrastructure significantly reduces costs by simplifying and accelerating management operations, letting IT conduct operations like backup/recovery and provisioning from a central location and projecting changes over the WAN.  And in the case of a WAN outage, work continues without disruption, with everything new syncing when the WAN is back up and running.

Introducing Hyper-V support

Now, with new support for Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization, even more customers and organizations can enjoy the benefits of a secure, software-defined edge. What's more, SteelFusion for Hyper-V is a completely software-defined solution, meaning there's no need for a specialized appliance. Deployment  and configuration are easier than ever.

Figure 1. SteelFusion managed in Microsoft Windows Admin Center

This gives customers whose needs may not have been met by standard appliance form factors the flexibility of running SteelFusion on commodity server hardware they may already own. As long as the hardware fits the specs, SteelFusion can turn a commodity server into a veritable "edge in a box."

More innovations to come

Support for Hyper-V is just the latest exciting enhancement to SteelFusion. In the months ahead Riverbed will further enhance the solution to enable customers to work directly with the core in the Azure public cloud, extending Azure cloud services to any edge in the business.

Whether a customer uses VMware or Hyper-V, Azure, a private data center, or a hybrid cloud, all can enjoy SteelFusion's unprecedented ease and flexibility for managing ROBO IT.

Get ready for SteelFusion

Riverbed SteelFusion for Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V will be generally available in early November. There are more resources available at the SteelFusion product page, or you can contact a Riverbed sales rep for more information.