SteelHead SD Is the Most Powerful, Complete, and Streamlined WAN Edge Platform


Have you heard? SteelHead SD is Riverbed’s flagship product for the emerging WAN edge infrastructure market. It is simply the most powerful and complete WAN edge platform on the market today, seamlessly integrating advanced SD-WAN functionality with market-leading optimization, security, and visibility services all in one streamlined device. And with the recent enhancements, including enterprise-class routing and a new subscription-based pricing model, now's the time for you to learn more.

Cloud, mobility, and changing user expectations are transforming the IT landscape. Enterprise IT is facing unprecedented levels of network complexity and unpredictability. MPLS links remain expensive as bandwidth-rich applications make ever greater demands. Traditional routers have failed to tame hybrid WAN, cloud, or network complexity, have high capex and opex costs, and remain prone to errors.

All this calls for a fundamental rethink of networking. That’s where Riverbed’s innovations in cloud networking comes in. SteelHead SD provides organizations of various sizes with the functionality to ensure their network is capable of providing the agility, performance, and security necessary to ensure a successful digital transformation.

The promise—and perils—of digital transformation

Enterprises want to align their networks to the cloud era and drive network transformation, and CIOs are looking at various IT initiatives that can help realize those goals, such as WAN cost reduction, cloud adoption, and DevOps automation.

These initiatives are in turn associated with various use cases, such as:

  • Offloading MPLS traffic
  • Improving application performance
  • Video delivery optimization
  • Connecting to IaaS (AWS or Azure)
  • Adopting SaaS
  • Instant site connectivity

Of course, this is all easier said than done. You'll want to reduce WAN usage while accommodating increased business video calling and not compromising the user experience. Connections to the cloud must be simple and secure. And network management infrastructure shouldn't overburden existing limited resources.

Steelhead SD helps you take the wheel

Riverbed SteelHead SD is a complete solution that enables initiatives like these, and Riverbed has significantly enhanced its feature set with its most recent update. This complete, powerful, and streamlined WAN edge platform has multiservice capabilities. It has SD-WAN and enterprise-based routing. It supports advanced network integration and comprehensive security. And, of course, it provides industry-leading WAN optimization. Let’s walk through it all in a bit more detail.

  • SD-WAN and cloud connectivity: The SD-WAN capability provides centralized, policy-based management and orchestration, zero touch provisioning, and unified connectivity and management spanning the entire distributed network fabric—branch WLAN/LANs, data centers, hybrid WANs, and clouds. Riverbed SD-WAN is based on simple, natural language policy so you can get more done. And integrations with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Zscaler cloud security can help you be more agile.

  • Enterprise routing: Advanced networking capabilities enable integration of SD-WAN into the underlay. With support for OSPF/ABR, eBGP/iBGP, ASBR, VLANs and more, this SD-WAN appliance enables you to replace legacy routing equipment with a platform that’s built for the cloud era. The platform also supports advanced network topologies like split data centers and dual hubs.

  • Performance and visibility: SteelHead is the market leader in WAN optimization. SteelHead SD integrates this industry-leading WAN optimization capability with SD-WAN, visibility, security, and other services on a powerful, software-defined platform. The result is a complete, seamless solution for strategic IT initiatives.

  • Enterprise-grade resiliency: SteelHead SD delivers enterprise-grade resiliency against LAN failures, appliance software and hardware failures, as well as WAN uplink failures to ensure 24/7 business continuity. The result: fewer fire drills, more progress.

Disruptive pricing

Riverbed has also rolled out a subscription-based pricing model that confers additional flexibility, trading upfront capex costs for a friendlier opex-centric business model. Future-proofing is baked right in. If you only need SD-WAN support, that’s all you’ll need to pay for. Later, you might want to enable WAN optimization—and that's easily done. Do you already have a SteelHead in your network? Your existing SteelHead appliances may be upgraded to support the SteelHead SD feature set, reducing capex yet further.

Riverbed Steelhead SD is highly scalable and can be deployed in complex enterprise networks. Enjoy high availability across hundreds of branch offices, support for the most complicated topologies, and the confidence that this solution can grow along with your business.

Want more?

Reap the benefits of digital transformation with SteelHead SD. It provides the agility, performance, and security you need to support the demands of the modern enterprise. And with its latest updates, SteelHead SD is more powerful, flexible and affordable than ever before.

For more information about the exciting SteelHead SD solution, including links to videos and a free trial, visit the SteelHead SD home page. Or check out the SteelHead SD data sheet and spec sheet for all the numbers, metrics, and details you’ll need to start planning your own deployment.