Video: Federal ‘Mission Accomplished’ with Riverbed SteelFusion


From an IT standpoint, the stakes for federal agencies can be quite high, possibly putting the most vulnerable at greater risk. A new video (watch below) from Riverbed illustrates this dynamic, showing why flawless application performance, data security, network agility, and visibility at the edge (or lack thereof) have real-world consequences…and how large organizations like the federal government can deliver these services to ensure optimal outcomes.

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Recap: Three difficult scenarios

To zero in on the topics in the video, let's recap the three scenarios likely to be encountered by various branches of the U.S. government.

Scenario 1: Warfighters are deployed deep inside hostile territory. Information is power, so the warfighters must upload real-time intelligence, run command-and-control apps, and protect sensitive data to achieve a successful mission outcome. But if their SATCOM connection goes down, will that leave them dead in the water? And if the worst comes to pass, how can they prevent their local data from falling into the wrong hands?

Scenario 2: FEMA and other government agencies deploy to a hurricane disaster zone with little to no infrastructure still functioning. But natural disaster or no, the organization still needs to continue performing its Mission-Essential Functions (MEFs) and Primary Mission Essential Functions (PMEFs). For this they need a Continued Operations (COOP) and Disaster Recovery plan that can work even amid incredible devastation. But how?

Scenario 3: A datacenter in Washington D.C. is tasked with distributing the Federal Desktop Core Configuration — the so-called "Golden Image" — to hundreds of thousands of government personnel worldwide. It is the standard that every federal user must run to remain compliant with regulations. But having to push patches and collect metrics on thousands of endpoints is extremely time consuming and leaves nodes at risk, especially during disconnected operations. How can IT accomplish this mammoth feat securely and efficiently?

SteelFusion at the edge

Mission success comes from application performance, data security, and the ability to support continued operations at the edge. Riverbed SteelFusion can provide a ruggedized, intelligent tactical edge solution that can help large organizations, even government agencies, achieve unprecedented mission velocity and continued operations even in the most challenging conditions.

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