White Paper: Real-World Cases of SteelFusion Solving ROBO IT and Business Challenges


Running a tight IT ship is challenging on a good day, and the additional overhead of successfully administering remote office/branch office (ROBO) locations only compounds that difficulty. But the modern enterprise can’t exist without its remote sites, which enable and sustain the core business.

To that end, a recent 19-page Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) white paper — “Improving Overall ROBO Efficiency with Riverbed SteelFusion” — took a deep dive into the software-defined edge capabilities of Riverbed SteelFusion™ by examining real deployments to answer a question: Can SteelFusion resolve the real-world difficulties inherent in ROBO IT?

Challenges of ROBO IT

To understand that question, we need to understand the challenges. As the white paper notes, “the challenges of maintaining efficient, cost-effective ROBOs are numerous.”

For starters, ROBO infrastructure costs can add up quickly, particularly in organizations that run numerous remote sites. ESG’s research indicates that 40% of organizations have 100 or more ROBO sites, and almost one in four organizations consider reducing this infrastructure a priority.

Downtime is another common, yet unfortunate, trait of traditional ROBO locations, which the paper’s authors say can affect application availability, collaboration, productivity, and, ultimately, the bottom line. The fiscal cost of downtime can vary widely, with ESG reporting a range of $500 an hour at minor sales offices, to $1–2 million at critical ROBO sites.

The white paper delves into other key ROBO IT problems, which include:

  • Maintaining security of sensitive information
  • Controlling data growth
  • Implementing reliable backup and recovery
  • Managing software patch versions

Long story short, the challenges ROBO locations pose to IT can often feel, in the white paper’s words, “insurmountable.”

Merits of SteelFusion

That’s where SteelFusion can help, providing a superior solution for ROBO IT. SteelFusion’s software-defined edge solution combines intelligent storage cache, server virtualization, and industry-leading hybrid WAN optimization technologies into one, eliminating the need for physical servers, storage, and backup infrastructure, as well as time-consuming and costly operations at ROBO locations.

ESG’s paper summarizes the high-level benefits of the SteelFusion solution:

  • Greatly simplified infrastructure: “A single appliance at each location eliminates need for separate servers, storage, WAN optimization, backup software, appliances, and services.”
  • Central management and backup: “All ROBO locations are managed and backed up centrally by a single administrator, eliminating the need for dedicated onsite IT personnel at each branch.”
  • Improved security: “Data is encrypted both at rest in the branch, and in flight across the WAN. All corporate data that is not immediately required at the branch is only stored in the secure data center, in the cloud, or in a hybrid of both (as many of today’s enterprises are looking to achieve).”
  • Faster provision and recovery: “Near-instant provisioning/recovery of remote network services (ex: firewalls, SD-WAN), applications, and entire sites require less physical data movement.”
  • Leverage standardized datacenter technologies: “Extending the value across all branch locations without requiring organizations to purchase hardware, software, or licenses at each branch.”
  • Business continuity: “Organizations are able to run and protect localized applications, regardless of appliance, branch, or WAN failure.”

How can this be described in a sentence? SteelFusion can ultimately deliver dramatic increases in data security, business continuity, agility, and operational efficiency.

Read the full white paper for more

If your organization manages ROBO locations, then the full white paper offers lots of key information you won’t want to miss, including:

  • How SteelFusion revolutionized one massive online network’s legacy approach to ROBO (p. 6)
  • How one supermarket achieved massive savings by implementing SteelFusion (p. 9)
  • The real-world economic benefits of SteelFusion’s Zero Branch IT (p. 12)
  • The final verdict on traditional ROBO vs. SteelFusion ROBO (p. 17)

Read the full white paper: “Improving Overall ROBO Efficiency with Riverbed SteelFusion” >>

SteelFusion wins a key award

Did you hear? In early December TMCnet named Riverbed SteelFusion winner of the 2016 Computing Backup and Disaster Recovery Award, recognizing us for excellence in value, innovation, and ease of use, among other highlights.

Get the full story in this press release.