With Riverbed Solutions, B/E Aerospace's Applications Are Supersonic


Ever wonder how the Riverbed SteelHead™ and SteelCentral™ portfolio can work to help your organization — especially if you're dealing with limited bandwidth across multiple sites and proprietary, centralized apps? Wonder no more: Riverbed has taken a deep dive into how B/E Aerospace, recently acquired by Rockwell Collins, deployed Riverbed application performance monitoring solutions to the delight of its users.

You'll want to check out our customer spotlight page and the case study to get the details on how Riverbed makes life easier for B/E Aerospace's employees, with a focus on three solutions:

  • SteelHead WAN optimization. B/E Aerospace hosts its applications — including Oracle, three ERP systems, and proprietary .NET apps — in a co-lo facility in North Carolina. Those applications are accessed from more than 50 remote sites. Before SteelHead was installed, employees rebelled over unacceptably slow load times. SteelHead's WAN optimization helped reduce waiting time and cut WAN traffic by 60%.
  • SteelCentral AppResponse. B/E Aerospace uses AppResponse to monitor app performance from a network perspective to make sure users are getting the most out of their applications. "We used to get a lot of complaints about network performance from the users, and we don’t hear that anymore," says Chris Elder, senior manager of enterprise networks and data center operations at B/E Aerospace. "I would never want to give up AppResponse."
  • SteelCentral AppInternals. AppInternals is great for diving into your applications to see where performance problems lie — and it's a big help if you're working with proprietary, distributed code like B/E Aerospace's .NET apps. "I can’t explain how good AppInternals really is," says Derek Turner, B/E Aerospace's senior .NET and SharePoint developer. "There’s nothing that I can’t see or explain [with it]. Having a tool like this is life changing."



"SteelCentral’s AppInternals and AppResponse provide deep visibility into application and network performance and health,” says Riverbed Solutions Architect Bryan Wynns. Both help companies like B/E Aerospace optimize performance and quickly isolate and resolve performance issues when they arise in order to maximize end user performance.

For more information, check out the customer spotlight page or the case study.

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