Speed Up Resolution Time by Reducing Finger-pointing

When users complain of poor service, you need to act fast. Finger-pointing among siloed IT teams only leads to delay in restoring service. You not only have to isolate the cause of the problem, you need to determine its scope and impact. Is the issue confined to a particular app or device configuration? Geography or department? Answers to these questions will speed your ability to restore service.


SteelCentral EUEM provides you with:

  • Real End User Experience Monitoring for any app and any device used by your workforce, whether or not those apps are under your control
  • Correlation of user interactions, app performance, and device performance and health, to help you quickly determine the source of the problem
  • Real-time Performance Analytics that automatically sets baselines for normal performance and provides color-coded status to alert you to incidents and cases of poor performance
  • Device monitoring that enables you to analyze key performance metrics and health indicators of any physical, virtual, or mobile device used by your workforce

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