B2B or B4B? Understanding the Distinction Will Help You Win the Biggest Deals

Sébastien Weber

B2B or B4B? Understanding the Distinction Will Help You Win The Biggest DealsGone are the days of simply providing a product or service to a customer to do a single job. Today, it is all about enabling customers to focus on their core business and delivering business outcomes, thereby improving business practices for the benefit of the organization. This is where partners who take a B4B approach to their offerings have the potential for the biggest influence.  

The most valuable opportunities lie in being the ‘expert’: going beyond just providing infrastructure and management, to helping customers innovate, become more efficient and provide the best customer experience in order to differentiate against their competition. And this is where end-user-experience monitoring comes into its own.  

In the new digital workplace, the two most important assets are people and applications.  People need to be able to interact as quickly as possible with their application, get the data they need, take action and respond faster. But for IT teams to be able to provide their organization with this ability, they need to be able to see what is happening between the user and their screen and spot and fix any issues before they become a problem.  

Just like the big brands that use social listening to track the buzz around their products and services to enable quick decisions on promotions and campaigns etc., end-user-experience monitoring can track the customer satisfaction of internal IT users and inform proactive decision-making to ensure the best user experience.

For Service Providers and Systems Integrators, end-user-experience monitoring or ‘digital experience management’ (DEM) creates a great opportunity to build long-lasting, expert relationships with customers. By integrating DEM solutions into your portfolio, along with complementary services such as network and application performance management, visibility and branch convergence, you can elevate your business beyond the B2B world, creating differentiation by focusing your efforts around your customers’ business outcomes.

Riverbed’s Digital Experience Management (DEM) portfolio and range of complementary technologies provide SI and SP partners with a solid, yet flexible framework to build specific solutions that meet your customers’ needs. To find out more about DEM and how we can support your sales efforts, take a look at Riverbed’s solutions here or email me direct