Delivering a Great Digital Experience? Prove It.

Tami Bentz

“Delivering a Great Digital Experience?  Prove It.” was the title of an influential keynote delivered by Bridget Bisnette, Senior Vice President, Global Channels & Commercial Sales at Riverbed Technology during Channel Partners Evolution 2018 in Philadelphia.

During her talk, Bridget explains how you can close the “visibility gap” and help customers deliver great digital experiences.

Digital experience management is about measuring and monitoring how customers actually experience those transformation initiatives that you’ve helped deploy. While there are many performance monitoring tools that measure aspects of digital experience, understanding how it all fits together and impacts the end user is a discipline and an area where partners must lead.

Watch the video of Bridget’s keynote for insights on how it is benefiting real businesses and tips on how you can make money and improve customer success by offering digital experience management services.