Capitalizing on Change: Riverbed’s Next Generation Partner Program

Bridget Bisnette

Transforming our Partner Business Strategy

Technology is evolving at a staggering rate, enabling businesses the opportunity to digitally transform their customer, employee and vendor experiences. This is changing the way that your customers consume and pay for IT solutions. This demand for change is, in turn, disrupting the channel. Many channel partners are adapting their own business models to meet their customers’ evolving needs. The result is that the channel is becoming both a route to market and in many cases a customer for companies like Riverbed, with partners developing their own cloud- and managed-service offerings to deliver outcome based solutions to customers.

These changes create the need for a new go-to-market from Riverbed that gives you greater flexibility and delivers solutions in innovative ways that better align to your business needs and those needs of your customers’.

As we work to transform and adapt to these new demands we are making some key changes.

  • Expanding our portfolio to include solutions that can help your customers with their digital transformation journey
  • Recognizing that your business isn’t just about reselling boxes, we are evolving the portfolio to add consumption options such as subscription
  • Building a new sales motion that depends on partners, enabling you and Riverbed to grow
  • Developing a range of go-to-market programs and incentives that are customer acquisition and growth based.

Change is Happening Now

There’s never a better time to deliver innovation than today. On August 1, 2017, we rolled out changes that are aligned with our new strategy to help you sell more and build a healthy sales pipeline. These include expanded certifications, deal registrations, and open incentives to name a few. Additionally, look for new incentives in Americas that launched  early September and a new Global Partner Portal planned in the January timeframe. By January, the new framework will be in full operation.

 We Evolve, You Grow

We’re excited about these changes and expect to see your business expand as a result. And as we roll out these new initiatives, we encourage you to register your new deal opportunities early to secure additional benefits. Our expanded portfolio was built to serve a four billion dollar market (TAM), and we stand ready to help you take full advantage of this market opportunity.tight alignment

And the good news is that the benefits of this program are already in motion, delivering more potential for increased sales and customer satisfaction. These new changes are just a sneak preview of what we have in store for you. We will continue to reveal and launch more features throughout 2017 and 2018. So stay tuned.

Together this will bring a wider range of opportunities for the entire value chain, and give you more flexible ways to engage with Riverbed. We look forward to sharing the new framework with you over the coming months and to supporting your growing business.