Congratulations to Riverbed’s Two 2018 Channel Chiefs

Riverbed Technology

Channel ChiefsRiverbed is proud to announce that CRN, a brand of the Channel Company, named Riverbed leaders Bridget Bisnette and Cindy Herndon to its list of 2018 Channel Chiefs. Inclusion on this prestigious list reflects a commitment to their company, to current and prospective channel partners, and a demonstrated dedication to consistently defending, promoting and executing effective channel partner programs and strategies.

With over 30 years of global IT experience behind her and a history of championing innovative new channel sales strategies, Bridget Bisnette, VP of Global Partner Strategy & Commercial Sales, provides expert insight into the shifting market for Riverbed. Realizing that businesses are transforming their consumption models, and that channel partners are responding to that change, Bridget was instrumental in architecting a tight connection between the sales strategy and Riverbed Rise to offer partner rewards that focus on performance, rather than compliance. You can read her recent one-on-one with CRN on Riverbed Rise here.

Bridget has a history of pushing boundaries, saying that it’s important to do things that make you uncomfortable. She has brought that spirit of strength to her work in order to align partners around a changing Riverbed brand. Throughout 2017, Bridget was responsible for rebuilding American’s Channel Sales in the Americas, establishing spirit of change, while driving alignment globally for Channel Sales. She expects to see an increase in partner engagement and success due to the Riverbed Partner initiatives in 2018.

As Vice President of Global Partner Programs and Operation at Riverbed, Cindy Herndon leverages her 28 years of VAR, distributor and vendor experience to run channel strategy, programs and operations under one united team. With her passion for channel innovation, Cindy has co-led the effort to revolutionize the Riverbed partner program and introduce Riverbed Rise.

Cindy relies on insight and wisdom from her team, and believes, as one of her coworkers said, that in business, people should “assume that everyone has the best intentions.” Throughout 2017, Cindy applied that ideal when she interviewed partner stakeholders from across the industry. With real-world pain points and ideas at hand, she helped strategize and deliver Riverbed Rise, the simple, flexible and profitable partner program designed to be relevant to all channel partner businesses. Her major contributions to Riverbed Rise include launching an improved, simplified partner portal that provides ample opportunities for self-service, and creating flexible incentives that partners can use to improve the bottom line, drive business development or train their personnel.

Please join us in congratulating both Bridget and Cindy for their inclusion on the list of 2018 Channel Chiefs. The honor is well deserved, and we’re excited to see what 2018 holds for both of these influential Riverbed channel leaders.