New SteelCentral Advanced Security Module Offers Customers Better Protection – a message from Mike Sargent

Mike Sargent

I am pleased to announce the release of the new SteelCentral Advanced Security Module. 

This is a very exciting new capability for SteelCentral. It significantly extends NetProfiler’s security forensic capabilities and gives our customers the essential visibility and empirical evidence to detect and investigate threats that bypass typical preventative security measures as well as those that originate inside the network.

More specifically, the Advanced Security Module is an add-on software module for Enterprise NetProfiler that leverages its full-fidelity flow-based network visibility, so that the data needed for security analytics is always at hand.   The module provides:

  • Threat Intelligence – provides a daily update on potential enterprise threats, and alerts when your system communicates with blacklisted sites so you can investigate and quickly take action.
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) detection – quickly and accurately identifies a broad range of DDoS attacks so you can make informed (and even automated) mitigation decisions to end interruptions sooner.
  • Cyber Threat Hunting – enables customers to proactively search for hidden security threats on your network before they become business-impacting events!
  • Network security analytics – baselines traffic and automatically identifies threats that generate unusual patterns, such as brute forcing or unexpected new services, hosts, or connections.
  • Incident forensics – provides full historical details so you understand the complete scope of the attack; offers the ability to drill into packets for even greater details.

Please take advantage of this new capability to:

1) Improve your odds of success with your NetProfiler opportunities;

2) Defend AR 11 opportunities from ExtraHop’s security messaging; and

3) Otherwise create/expand NPM opportunities within your accounts by tapping into security budgets.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Reengage with your Enterprise NetProfiler customers; security budgets are always big and active!
  • Visit the updated NetProfiler page on Partner Center more information.
  • Learn by taking the SteelCentral NetProfiler – Cyber Security Fundamentals course. It introduces and explains the concepts around DDoS detection and mitigation, threat intelligence and threat hunting (60 minutes, 5 parts).
  • Follow @SteelCentral on Twitter.

This release is yet another major step forward for the SteelCentral Platform. We look forward to this new module helping boost Riverbed’s NPM momentum in the marketplace.