Partners: Drive More Demand with Riverbed by Your Side

John Machonis

Riverbed relies heavily on our valued channel partners to broaden our reach, grow into new markets and provide exceptional solutions for customers. As innovations in cloud and mobile technologies prove essential for business success, we are aligning our partnering approach to better enable you to profitably grow your business.

Business innovation is digital

Digital transformation is the new imperative for companies across every industry. Spurred by the need to grow and sustain a competitive edge, businesses are investing in digital offerings and embracing entirely new business models. As your customers venture into what is often unchartered territory for their IT environment, they are looking for trusted partners to bring transformative digital solutions and consumption options, as well as reliable, cost-effective ways to manage these new technologies.

Riverbed’s industry-leading digital performance offerings—including Digital Experience Management, Cloud Networking and Cloud Edgegive you the opportunity to expand your solutions offering beyond the network and deliver the fast, secure digital experiences that your customers are  making huge investments to achieve. Partners leveraging this strategic positioning are not only monitoring and maintaining IT solutions but they are earning their seat at the strategic table by enhancing performance across every aspect of a customer’s business.

Enabling more business in the channel

As technology changes, so does the channel’s opportunity. By reimagining our brand as The Digital Performance Company, Riverbed has dedicated itself to helping partners broaden relevance within their customer base.

Partners can leverage the new Riverbed Digital Performance messaging to broaden their footprint beyond the networking group and start conversations with line-of-business stakeholders, DevOps leaders, the C-suite and more. These significant conversations with a broader set of stakeholders provide expanded opportunities to grow business together, in the flexible ways that customers are requesting, including managed services, subscription and consumption models of IT delivery. And, Riverbed Rise now enables partners to achieve maximum profitability fully aligned with your go-to-market strategy.

Riverbed’s focus on channel success

Whether you’re working Riverbed Digital Performance opportunities independently or co-selling with Riverbed, consistent messaging is critical to a successful campaign. The more aligned and consistent our message, the stronger it will be. Key to that end is working in tandem with us and providing feedback on your campaigns in-motion. This helps us to deliver more of what is working for you and your audience. By evolving your marketing message and customizing campaigns, you can shape them to fit any size market, geography or go-to-market strategy. As a benefit of Riverbed Rise, Riverbed Reach, your online resource for dynamic campaign content, provides six integrated marketing services to drive demand for solutions powered by Riverbed.

To quickly identify and do more of what works, Reach offers an easy way to provide in-flight campaign feedback with simple lead stage updates. Enhance the Reach marketing programs by providing this input, and you’ll benefit from better-aligned campaigns, uncovering more business and earning more MDF while growing your profitability.

Grow your business with Riverbed Reach

 To learn more about Reach and to understand how to define lead stages, check out to our helpful Lead Stage reference guide. Then, log in to Reach to get started with your first campaign, or update your lead stages for your in-flight and completed campaigns.

If you’re not already a Riverbed partner, you can apply with one short form, and Riverbed Reach can become part of your marketing strategy, helping you drive demand for world-class Digital Performance solutions.