Riverbed SteelCentral Aternity: Application Monitoring from the User’s Perspective

Lance Buchholz

Riverbed SteelCentral AternityWhen it comes to business, a few seconds of application latency can be an eternityespecially when those seconds add up. Think of an airline gate agent assisting passengers at the gate with their workstation, and scanning boarding passes as passengers board the plane with the bar code scanner. An extra couple seconds per passenger becomes minutes at the gate, which leads to potential delays on the runway. Suddenly, those couple of seconds have translated to deep impacts on air travel and steep fines for the airline, not to mention frustrated customers.

Determining the source of application performance issues is critical to business, and the process has become increasingly complex with cloud service models and geographically dispersed data centers. However, Riverbed Aternity’s unique end-user experience monitoring provides new levels of visibility into application performance, allowing businesses to find and fix issues before they become critical.

Are your customers considering, or deploying Digital Transformations? Are you delivering Digital Transformation for your customers?

Digital Transformations such as O365 / Win 10 Migrations, Skype for Business, Cloud, Data Center Migrations, VDI, Key Application Upgrades, and Mobile create service opportunities for Partners. Aternity provides the impact to end users of these changes, which helps validate the need for the change, and helps prioritize which changes will positively affect your end users the most.

Have your customers asked you to conduct the migration of their applications to the cloud or manage their new environments after transformation? If so, you’re going to want to be able to not only deliver on SLAs, but also prove the improvement in application performance after migration.

However, you can’t showcase the effectiveness of a customer’s new delivery model if you don’t understand the current performance. Aternity’s end-user experience monitoring provides unique capabilities that monitor application performance, as applications render on the screens of the user’s device, no matter where those applications are running, so you can determine accurate SLAs before, during and after migration.

Once you’ve benchmarked with Aternity, you’ll know what needs to be optimized before the migration roll-out so that you know exactly where excessive latency could occur, and you can fix it before it impacts business. When you track application performance from the end-user perspective, you’ll be able to determine performance from the application level, while highlighting dependencies of the network latency and infrastructure delays for every application. This deep insight will allow you to deliver on accurate, realistic SLAs no matter what delivery model your customers use.

Drive decisions with confidence

In any organization, there’s always an application that’s being changed somewhere. Today’s self-updating software and short development cycles mean constant changes at the end-user level. The ability to drill in deep to determine how application updates are affecting end user experience not only keeps your users happy, but also helps enterprises solve problems the right way, the first time.

As a partner, your customers depend on you to help them find the best solutions to their business challenges. Aternity provides the visibility into end user experience that all IT teams need, from infrastructure to application development to leadership and beyond, to make positive changes with confidence. And, because Aternity identifies whether performance issues are due to the end user’s device and/or location, and also points towards the network latency or infrastructure (which could be in the Cloud), you’ll have more opportunities to introduce the right Riverbed solutions to keep your customers’ applications and network working at maximum capacity.

There’s nothing that compares to Aternity

Traditional performance monitoring solutions (APM or NPM) provide end user monitoring from the perspective of the network or server, not the true end user experience as the point of consumption. Once your customers migrate to the cloud, form an install base of thick-client applications, or launch into API-driven integrations that leverage partner solutions, traditional APM/NPM solutions lack the visibility into end user experience that Aternity provides.

Aternity is unique across the industry for its ability to provide end-user experience metrics for any application running on any client, including applications running on laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and Android- or iOS-driven endpoint solutions. Additionally, Aternity works for applications deployed to the cloud, and for solutions running across multiple geographic locations.

Your customers already know and trust Riverbed technologies as best-of-breed networking solutions. Now, give them the visibility they need by offering your customers a managed service with SteelCentral Aternity.  By starting with end user visibility, you’ll be able to help your customers who are going through a digital transformation, and then add in Application and Network Performance Monitoring with the rest of the integrated SteelCentral Platform.

Use the infographic below to start the conversation with your Riverbed customers, and show them how Riverbed SteelCentral Aternity puts the end-user experience at the heart of application monitoring.

Riverbed SteelCentral Infographic

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