SteelFusion Software-Defined Edge & HPE 3PAR

Jerry Wesley

The complete ROBO + data center solution

People trust Riverbed SteelFusion and HPE to deliver solutions that solve business challenges. This is why we believe we have a superior solution together for solving the challenge of digital transformation and the need for agility and high-performance applications and services no matter where a user is working around the globe.

If you are one of the thousands of HPE 3PAR customers you can modernize your remote offices with SteelFusion which seamlessly integrates with 3PAR for a complete ROBO solution.

Many customers face the challenge of having no IT staff at remote offices and ageing infrastructure. Additionally, they face challenges with turnover and outdated backup processes or in some cases, outages may take days from which to recover. The promise of the cloud has made some things easier and yet it has complicated others. In many situations, you cannot risk the network being down for remote users who demand the best performance and availability. Add to that, mergers and acquisitions can complicate support of non-standard systems which makes the lives of IT support teams busy and chaotic to say the least.

Data consolidation, high performance and centralized management

Riverbed and HPE 3PAR deliver data center class services to remote users faster than most other solutions on the market today. It all begins with HPE 3PAR in the data center. SteelFusion Core has a patented process of projecting virtual machines to SteelFusion Edge appliances. The Edge Appliances have caching, compute, hypervisor and networking in a 1U or 2U platform. This unique concept enables businesses to protect their data on HPE 3PAR yet make it seem local for remote users. The performance is unmatched compared to almost any solution available today.

Always on and stringent uptime is required for some mission critical applications. High Availability is leveraged with HA pairs of SteelFusion Edge. The most demanding ROBO environments need to be available and functional so business keeps moving forward. SteelFusion and HPE 3PAR are the perfect solution to keep applications and services running at the Edge and provide resilient and consistent performance with centralized management.

Agility and rapid deployment are delivered with consistent templates and policies to simplify your ROBO applications and services. Disconnected operations (no WAN) is a great feature that is enabled when you have mission critical applications that must remain up. Users create content and generate money which means their data is critical. All data that is created at a branch office is instantly replicated back to your HPE 3PAR storage array and protected automatically using your best of breed tools and processes.

Security is critical. The embedded Software-Defined Edge cache is encrypted at rest. This protects you from physical security threats. Additionally, if your users and data are attacked, you can simply recover from a data center snapshot in minutes, minimizing your data loss and improving your recovery time by hours, days or weeks in some cases. You can stop threats before they happen by adding services to detect, prevent and stop them. Imagine your favorite virtual firewall or scanning software at every remote location with SteelFusion deployed in a consistent and secure way that’s easy to manage from your data center.

The big benefits with Riverbed’s SteelFusion and HPE 3PAR

Riverbed’s SteelFusion was designed to completely consolidate remote office infrastructure such as ageing application servers, backup and network services while saving IT support time and money by simplifying the support model and decreasing the number of boxes needed to support all the infrastructure services needed for a remote office to keep businesses running 24 x7.

The benefits are, business and IT agility, superior disaster recovery, data center backups, instant provisioning for network services like AD, DNS, DHCP, file & print, security services, mission critical applications, and even entirely new sites.

Enterprises have been deploying SteelFusion to transform the way they manage and maintain remote office IT services. HPE 3PAR delivers powerful data center consolidation, unified management and excellent backup integration. SteelFusion completes HPE 3PAR by consolidating ROBO data while delivering data center quality applications and services to sites around the world, all while minimizing infrastructure and without compromising application performance. That’s why we call it the complete ROBO & data center solution.

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