Visibility and Performance from the Client to the Cloud: Riverbed at Microsoft Ignite 2021

Phillip Gervasi

Today, we can work from almost anywhere. Sometimes we’re at home, sometimes we’re at the office, and other times we’re in a coffee shop or an airport. This poses two significant problems for IT departments:

  • First, how can we have visibility into a network we don’t manage?
  • Second, how can we ensure peak application performance over a network we don’t own?

Riverbed’s visibility and performance solutions address these modern problems head-on to provide end-to-end visibility from the client to the cloud as well as optimal application performance no matter where people connect to do their work.

The two sides of a conversation are no longer static. In the past, end-users were grouped together at an office managed by the IT department, and applications were down the hall in a server room or in a data center owned by the organization. That’s not at all the case anymore. Now, end-users could be virtually anywhere there’s an internet connection, and they’re accessing applications that live in the cloud.

We’ll be addressing these two problems during three short demonstrations prepared for Microsoft Ignite 2021. Read on for details on what we’ll be covering in each of the demos below:

Aternity provides remote worker visibility

In the first scenario, we’ll see how Aternity gives us historical visibility of our remote client computers when they’re working remotely over a VPN. Aternity’s VPN usage and trends dashboards provide very specific information on how end-users are connecting, over which VPNs, and how connections perform.

Application Acceleration ensures peak performance of on-premise applications

In our second scenario, we’ll see Riverbed Application Acceleration in action as it dramatically improves the performance of an on-premises application. Because it’s an agent-based solution, we can provide the benefits of application acceleration regardless of where end-users are located.

SaaS Accelerator optimizes SaaS performance for remote workers

In our last scenario, we’ll see a real-time demonstration of how Riverbed SaaS Accelerator optimizes Microsoft Azure and Sharepoint traffic, again regardless of where end-users work. In this case, our end-users are remote, and they’re accessing applications in the cloud, delivered by our Microsoft SaaS provider. Riverbed SaaS Accelerator was designed for this very scenario – ensuring top performance of SaaS applications for end-users at the office or working remotely.

For today’s hybrid workforce, a simple internet connection just isn’t enough anymore. We don’t manage the network many of our end users are connecting to, but we still need the visibility and application performance we had when everyone worked at the office. As the workplace continues to be in a state of flux, our visibility and performance solutions help to keep your end users and applications productive from anywhere.

Check out Riverbed’s virtual booth at Microsoft Ignite 2021 where you can watch our demos videos and learn more about our solutions.  To register, visit the Microsoft Ignite Registration page here.