What’s New with SteelHead SD? Upgraded Routing, Subscription Pricing, and More

Milind Bhise

Riverbed Launches Most Powerful SD-WAN Solution with Significant Enterprise-Class Routing Enhancements and Flexible Subscription Pricing

Riverbed is delivering the most powerful and complete WAN Edge solution in the market, integrating advanced SD-WAN functionality with industry-leading application acceleration, security and visibility capabilities all in a single streamlined device.

  • Riverbed surpasses 1,000 SD-WAN customers
  • Provides customers with flexible subscription-based pricing and in-field upgrade options to “future-proof” their networks and meet specific business needs
  • Delivers major routing enhancements for complex and highly-available enterprise networks
  • Riverbed SD-WAN solution available as a virtual appliance or a comprehensive WAN Edge solution with SD-WAN, application acceleration, visibility and security in a single device

A key element of digital transformation is the move from outdated legacy networks to a next-gen infrastructure that can support the cost, productivity, agility, and user-experience needs of a modern business. Legacy networks cannot support the needs of the modern business or enable successful digital transformation, so savvy enterprises the world over aim to transition away from such networks to stay competitive in today’s tough marketplace. Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is a key driver of this transformation and Riverbed SteelHead SD provides an unparalleled value by seamlessly integrating advanced SD-WAN functionality with industry-leading WAN optimization, security and visibility services all in one streamlined device.

Riverbed’s offering is the only WAN solution that provides unified connectivity and policy-based orchestration spanning the entire distributed network — SD-WAN, SD-LAN, datacenters, and both public and private clouds, with easy-to-use, one-click automated connectivity into Microsoft Azure and AWS. Zero-touch provisioning, unlimited network routing flexibility, single pane-of-glass network policy management and seamless integration with best-in-class network security solutions are just a few key features enjoyed by our customers worldwide.

Now, SteelHead SD delivers key enhancements that further differentiate this market-leading SD-WAN solution. With SteelHead SD, customers can get a handle on the ever-changing IT landscape, increase business agility, lower TCO, improve app performance, and accelerate the transition to the cloud. Let’s look at a few highlights.

Enhanced enterprise-class routing capabilities

Between datacenters, the cloud, varying networking requirements of various branches, and the need to integrate with service providers’ MPLS networks, the infrastructure of distributed enterprises encompass diverse topographies that are challenging to manage and optimize.

Now major enhancements to the SteelHead SD core routing stack enable support for large and complex enterprise networks where high availability and advanced interoperability between SD-WAN and legacy networks is crucial. SteelHead SD can now enable integration of SD-WAN into the network underlay, replacing legacy routing equipment with a platform built for the cloud era, while supporting advanced topologies common to large enterprise networks, like split datacenters and dual hubs.

New subscription-based pricing

Customers asked and Riverbed listened: SteelHead SD is now available with disruptive new OpEx-friendly subscription-based pricing that ensures customers can have a fit-for-purpose and future-proofed solution that meets the specific needs of every branch and datacenter. Both SD-WAN-only and SD-WAN with WAN optimization subscription-based license plans are available, offering pricing propositions aligned to the needs of the cloud era.

In-field upgrades extend existing investments

Subscription-based pricing isn’t the only budget-friendly innovation this release. Riverbed customers who already own SteelHead CX appliances can take advantage of the in-field upgrade to expand the capabilities of prior investments to include advanced SD-WAN, network security services, and Riverbed’s industry-leading WAN optimization. In short, existing SteelHead CX customers can enjoy an additional level of future-proofing at a very reasonable price.

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