The Visibility Gap
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The IT Monitoring Visibility Gap
8 Warning Signs


Reactive response to problems and only when users report them

Time Consuming

Too much time simply validating user complaints of problems

Finger Pointing

Finger pointing between teams produces delays in problem resolution


Challenges in actually solving the problem

Poor Reception

Poor reception of service by internal and external teams

Limited Ability

Limited ability to establish SLAs that are meaningful to the business


Guesswork on the need for change and its effect on the business


Poor insight to IT’s impact on customer service & workforce productivity

Use Cases

Improve Workforce Productivity and Customer Service

Ensure your mobile workspace and omni-channel initiatives deliver excellent end user experience.

Hold IT Vendors Accountable

Augment IT vendors’ SLAs by monitoring application performance as seen by your end users.

Validate the Impact of Change

Monitor end user experience before and after a change to infrastructure, applications, or devices.

Establish SLAs Based on Business Processes

Monitor users’ experience with applications in the context of a business process, without tagging the code.

Troubleshoot End User Issues Quickly

Correlate device health and performance, application performance, and user interactions to isolate the source of trouble.

Mobile APM

Monitor actual user experience for consumer and workforce iOS, Android, and hybrid mobile apps.

Gain Immediate, Actionable Insights

Enable customers to understand true user experience, by holistically monitoring three streams of data – user interactions, device health and performance, plus application performance while ensuring a quality digital experience


Analyze the Impact of IT on user productivity


Proactively identify and resolve problems


Help ensure a quality digital experience

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