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Solution Overview

Modern web applications are increasingly complex. Delivering superior performance and availability requires testing, monitoring and diagnostic capabilities from the origin all the way to the customer's client. Keynote and Riverbed together deliver a better way to assure the reliability and scale of your websites and mobile apps.

By combining the Keynote Load Testing and Web Monitoring solutions with Riverbed Performance Management, companies can:

  • Reduce IT costs by accelerating diagnosis and repair
  • Increase revenue through better application performance
  • Support growth by efficiently scaling architectures

With Keynote and Riverbed, IT can better prepare and manage the infrastructure, applications and network supporting web and mobile initiatives.

Versions tested:
Keynote Transaction Perspective 12.1, Mobile Web Perspective 7.8, Cloud Application Perspective 2.0, Real User Monitoring 2.0, Keynote Monitoring API 2.0, LoadPro 2.8
Riverbed SteelCentral NetProfiler 10.7.1, NetShark 10.7.1, Flow Gateway 10.7.1 AppResponse 9.0.3, NetSensor 2.0, AppInternals 9.0.2,

Keynote Technology Solutions: Solutions link
Riverbed Products: SteelCentral NetProfiler, NetShark & Flow Gateway, AppResponse, NetSensor, AppInternals


Keynote is the global leader in cloud-based testing, monitoring and analytics for mobile and web, optimizing the value of every digital interaction, enhancing user experience and driving business value through online performance. The company runs the world's largest cloud testing, monitoring and analytics network in the world and collects over 700 million mobile and website performance measurements daily. In 2012 Keynote, a Thoma Bravo portfolio company, was recognized by Forbes Magazine as "One of the Best 100 Companies in America.

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