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Solution Overview

Speedy Packets’ and Riverbed’s joint solution pairs Speedy Packets' Internet speed enhancing technology with Riverbed’s market-leading WAN acceleration products, assuring customers that the Speedy Packets Riverbed-Ready solutions are tested, verified, and supported.  SpeedyTCP builds on Riverbed’s compression, caching, and other WAN acceleration capabilities to provide further data throughput performance enhancements, particularly when the user’s data is encrypted.

Speedy Packets

Speedy Packets allows data to move faster across the Internet by improving the efficiency and performance of TCP, the primary protocol for reliably moving content around the Internet – while maintaining fair access.  By combining an innovative approach to end-to-end flow control with network coding, SpeedyTCP eliminates the need for lost packets to be retransmitted and provides faster interactive web site access, higher throughput file transfers, rapid file uploads, and video streaming that runs at a higher bit rate (higher video image quality) with fewer buffering events in the face of network congestion, packet loss, and high latency.

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