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Solution Overview

Riverbed works seamlessly with Viostream video delivery across the enterprise network by ensuring only one copy of a video is streamed over the WAN per site. Riverbed then makes copies of the video stream locally (caching the content) for each internal viewer, significantly reducing the bandwidth used by video transmission over the WAN whilst ensuring the best QoS on video streamed internally. The same principle is applied for live streaming, as Riverbed caches the live video chunks, effectively splitting a single live stream from the WAN into multiple streams over the LAN


Viocorp are leaders in cloud based online video solutions and have been working across Australia and Asia Pacific for over 10 years. Viocorp's solutions contribute to the success of content strategies across the whole enterprise and enrich the communications across marketing, internal communications, government, IT, corporate communications and events.

We know that online video has the power to reach more people and increase customer engagement and conversion to grow any organisation. Our solutions address all the needs of the enterprise from security, bandwidth and storage to reporting, branding and accessibility.

Viostream is a cloud based SaaS video platform used by Enterprise and Government organisations to integrate video across internal and external digital channels, to reach, engage and convert their audience.

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