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Solution Overview

The combination of cPacket and Riverbed products provides a comprehensive solution for real-time monitoring, proactive mitigation, and effective troubleshooting.  Riverbed products provide high-speed packet capture and indexing for forensic investigation. cPacket Smart Ports provide proactive real-time detection of application misbehavior, gaps, spikes, jitter, and bottlenecks. Real-time identification is critical to enabling proactive mitigation before imminent issues become difficult, disruptive problems. 

The combination of Riverbed and cPacket provides a solution that enables real-time behavioral analysis, granular performance monitoring, and effective troubleshooting of outages and disruptive incidents. Correlated real-time insight and detailed historical view are available from the centralized dashboard for advanced analytics with dynamic red-green maps of bottlenecks and hotspots.

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Versions tested:
cPacket 240NG, 400NG, 560NG - firmware level 14.3.7
Riverbed NetProfiler 10.7.1, Flow Gateway 10.7.1, NetShark 10.7.1, AppResponse 9.0.3



cPacket is the recognized leader in Pervasive Network Intelligence. The company's solutions radically simplify network performance monitoring and data center optimization. At the heart of cPacket's innovative hardware-software architecture are unique algorithmic chips. The company's customers include the world's largest data centers, service providers, financial institutions and government organizations. 

Modern application delivery depends on the network to connect applications, devices and users. While the traffic complexity, volume and speed are increasing, meeting users' expectations for Quality-of-Experience requires consistent performance and reliability across the entire network infrastructure. cPacket's disruptive technology addresses these emerging needs with an integrated approach to performance monitoring, optimization, and trouble-shooting.

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