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Mobile APM for Consumer and Workforce Mobile Apps


Aternity and ServiceNow Integration Raises Service Desk Efficiency and Quality

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Aternity for Desktop and Application Virtualization

Solution Brief

SteelCentral Aternity for SAP Applications

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The processes, tools, and changes to make end user experience management successful

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    Use Cases

    Improve Workforce Productivity and Customer Service

    Ensure your mobile workspace and omni-channel initiatives deliver excellent end user experience.

    Hold IT Vendors Accountable

    Augment IT vendors’ SLAs by monitoring application performance as seen by your end users.

    Validate the Impact of Change

    Monitor end user experience before and after a change to infrastructure, applications, or devices.

    Establish SLAs Based on Business Processes

    Monitor users’ experience with applications in the context of a business process, without tagging the code.

    Troubleshoot End User Issues Quickly

    Correlate device health and performance, application performance, and user interactions to isolate the source of trouble.

    Mobile APM

    Monitor actual user experience for consumer and workforce iOS, Android, and hybrid mobile apps.

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