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Users get frustrated when Citrix performs poorly, but troubleshooting is complex

Citrix XenApp application virtualization technology enables Microsoft Windows applications to be virtualized, centralized, and delivered to users as a service. It is a prevalent enterprise data center technology for delivering applications due its ability to:

  • Vastly reduce administration costs
  • Make more efficient use of IT resources 
  • Improve the performance of enterprise applications delivered over wide area networks (WAN) and mobile network

While powerful and beneficial, the Citrix XenApp environment can present you with a few new challenges when troubleshooting application performance issues. Because Citrix acts as a proxy for backend applications, it can be difficult to get end-to end visibility of transactions and to identify and troubleshoot end-user experience problems.

Without the right troubleshooting tools, a user’s unique transactions to the backend application components are lost in the crowd of all transactions. While it is relatively easy to see the aggregate load of the users as a group, it is difficult to isolate individual users and investigate their individual transactions.

Integrated Citrix XenApp visibility speeds troubleshooting

To do effective troubleshooting in the XenApp environment, you need to see into individual end-user session end-to-end, through to the XenApp server tier. By examining packet-level data from both sides of the XenApp Server as well as leveraging session mapping information, you can extract and present response and performance details for any and all individual end-user sessions. This strategy will show the location of performance-impacting issues, whether they arise in the distribution network, the XenApp server, the datacenter network, or the application tier behind XenApp.

Keep users productive and improve satisfaction

The value of this detailed insight becomes even greater if additional tools are employed to instrument and reveal performance in the rest of the datacenter tiers, such as the databases behind the application hosts. Complements Citrix EdgeSight™, which provides per-session insights within XenServer™, but does not give you any visibility outside of the XenServer environment in the larger context of the network.

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