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Detecting and monitoring network infrastructure outages and failures is critical to ensuring application performance

Your network is filled with infrastructure components, making it hard to monitor what they’re all doing and how their behavior is affecting your applications. Fortunately, most components support SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) monitoring, which provides the information necessary for fast detection of network infrastructure outages and failures. SNMP delivers critical information about network device and interface availability and other performance indicators, such as bandwidth utilization, packet loss, latency, errors, discards, CPU, and memory.

Gather detailed data on component health with SNMP monitoring

Windows Management Instrumentation or WMI polling is very similar to SNMP monitoring except that it is specific to Windows devices. WMI tells you information about Windows CPU, disk, memory, and operating system health.

WMI also provides information about the processes running on the device, what type of resources the processes are consuming, and the health of certain key Microsoft applications (SQL Server, IIS Web Service, Domain Controller / Active Directory, MSMQ queues). It also collects and shares the detailed information in the Windows Task Manager.

Always know how your network infrastructure monitoring contributes to your app performance

The health of the infrastructure components supporting your business-critical applications is just as important as those applications, because if the infrastructure fails, your applications fail, too. Riverbed network infrastructure monitoring puts you one step ahead with real-time, actionable information to identify and diagnose problems before your business is impacted.

  • Prevent business disruption and downtime that affect business transactions, employee productivity, customer experience, and— most importantly — your business’s reputation
  • Mitigate risk associated with deployment of new services and technologies by proactively detecting performance issues
  • Understand the impact and measure service level agreements (SLA) for third-party services

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