Reduce time and effort for collecting and reconciling data from multiple sources

What is network data management?

The speed and reliability of the interaction between end users and an application requires a complete view of the applications from an architecture that looks across all critical parts of the application delivery path. Understanding the network infrastructure from an application perspective requires a network performance architecture that provides the real-time network data management of the underlying IT infrastructure and network contributing to the overall network and application performance.

Features and benefits of SteelCentral NetCollector

NetCollector has industry-leading multi-vendor deep network discovery and collection at Layer 2 and Layer 3, is built on a real-time network  data model that infers physical, logical and virtual relationships between network elements for a clearer picture of how the network elements work together, their dependencies  and interactions. Key features and benefits includes:

  • Leverages all available sources of data to support multiple use cases 
  • Comprehensive L2/L3 network discovery and topology creation
  • Out-of-the-box support for routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers and hosts

In addition to being a data repository, SteelCentral NetCollector is the mediator for the Riverbed SteelCentral NPCM suite providing data at multiple timescales:

  • Scheduled and on-demand
  • Polling at regular intervals
  • Event triggered
  • Workflow-initiated in real-time

Business case for SteelCentral NetCollector

  • Improve IT efficiencies by reducing time and effort for collecting and reconciling data from multiple sources
  • Faster troubleshooting workflows results in improveing MTTR with a quicker resolution of unplanned network and application outages
  • Ability to run what-if scenarios to accurately plan for changes such as data/network growth, data center migration, technology migration and new applications.
How it Works


NetCollector - How it Works

NetCollector is the central data repository for NetAuditor and NetPlanner, as well as their add-on modules.  

NetCollector performs a multi-vendor, deep network discovery and collection at Layer 2 and Layer 3 for configuration and operational data from the network using CLI and SNMP, then interprets the collected data to infer physical, logical and virtual relationships between network devices.



Add-On Modules

Configuration Data Collector module for SteelCentral NetCollector

The configuration data collector module for NetCollector supports CLI and SNMP based configuration data collection, archiving, import as well as physical and logical topology inference.

  • Device drivers for vendor specific network data collection              
  • Support for command line interface (CLI) and SNMP collection      
  • Create custom device drivers for universal device support
  • Build the physical and logical topology of the network      
  • Ability to browse and search network elements    
  • View reports on the physical and logical components of the network          
  • Generate application network paths         
  • Support for end-systems with the IP Detection Service      
  • Create groups to arrange and segregate areas of the network
  • Ability to import custom data using ASCII adapters

Metric Poller module for SteelCentral NetCollector

The Metric Poller module enables SNMP based polling and metric support.

  • Collect metrics from network elements using SNMP polling
  • Metric roll-up and maintenance services 
  • Support for generic metric import             
  • View metric information in the user interface       
  • Generate alerts and notifications based on metric thresholds
  • Support for user-defined metrics
  • Enables integration with RPM Dashboards             

3rd Party Adapter module for SteelCentral NetCollector

The 3rd party adapter module provides a set of adapters to interface with 3rd party management systems.

  • Import network information from Alcatel-Lucent's 5620 Service Aware Manager (SAM-O)  
  • Integration with the HP Network Automation Manager








Altibox automates network diagramming with SteelCentral Network Planning and Configuration Management (NPCM)


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