NetExpress Appliance
[NetExpress] allows us to move from that mode of putting fires out to really planning and making improvements to the infrastructure. It really gives us the freedom to move the school forward with other projects. - Kenneth Coakley, Director of Technology, The Pennington School

NetExpress Appliance

SteelCentral NetExpress appliance brings the same approach to appli­cation-aware network performance management (NPM) for small and medium enterprise (SME) as the separate appliances but in a single, integrated form-factor for ease of use and deployment.

Address the IT performance complexities of small and medium enterprises

Performance challenges that typically take a team of people to isolate and fix can now be done by one person, with a flexible and agile appliance that scales and grows with the business.

Enable IT to focus on what really matters

SteelCentral NetExpress can be used for a broad spectrum of performance and IT projects providing ultimate flexibility, such as capacity planning, QoS profiling, datacenter modernization, and network troubleshooting. It is instrumental for understanding how an application might affect network performance before being deployed and for confirming results afterward.

NetExpress Virtual

Easy-to-deploy, virtualized, all-in-one network performance monitoring solution

Increase application visibility and improve performance across virtualized networks, in IaaS, and in software-defined data centers

Is NetExpress Virtual Edition right for my organization?

If your organization has embraced virtualization, and is beginning to adopt cloud/infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software-defined data center (SDDC) technology, you know how hard it can be to maintain visibility in these hybrid environments, let alone try to install monitoring appliances.

SteelCentral NetExpress Virtual Edition runs on VMware vSphere to provide added deployment flexibility, gain expanded visibility and move your monitoring where it’s needed, whether it’s between data centers or in the cloud. Its virtualized form factor allows it to be deployed:

  • By companies that have fully embraced virtualization
  • Within software-defined data centers, whether or not you are using SDN overlay networks
  • By small or medium-sized enterprises as a virtual alternative to the SteelCentral NetExpress appliance


The Pennington School

Steelcentral NetExpress helps private school use cloud-based learning as competitive advantage to increase enrollment


Partner Solution

Partner Solution

IXIA Network Visibility Solutions complements Riverbed SteelCentral by extending access to all the physical & virtual network traffic needed for analysis.

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