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This multi-national, skill-intensive manufacturer manages a large ecosystem of partners, joint ventures and customers. The WAN is shared by multiple entities within the group. Some applications and information flowing across the WAN are more sensitive than others; in particular, R&D traffic is required to reside within a dedicated security perimeter. With 100+ sites, hybrid MPLS/Internet with local breakouts, and the goal of moving to SaaS apps, managing the WAN is challenging and costly. In addition to cost of operations, network security is a concern with difficult and inconsistent wired LAN segmentation using classical VLAN management and cumbersome MPLS VRF management.

Riverbed Solution

SteelConnect SD-WAN for high security, end-to-end multi-segment networking

SteelConnect Value Add

  • Network segments easily provisioned at sites using a unified LAN + WAN Zoning concept for improved security
  • Dramatically reducing  the operational complexity of the network , including hybrid WAN and LAN technologies
  • Instant and global policy management for deployment of hybrid networking and network segmentation rules
  • AutoVPN multi-mesh VPN connectivity to ensure application delivery from Cloud to WAN to LAN over any network underlay (MPLS, Internet)
  • Universal Policy Automation empowering IT to evolve the infrastructure without revisiting policy and enable cohesive and automated change management
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning reducing configuration and reconfiguration of edge devices at sites to zero with automation  

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“Traditional WANs may be moribund, but next-generation SD-WAN technology like SteelConnect from Riverbed Technologies is breathing new life into the networking marketplace.” - Jason Bloomberg, “Riverbed Ups the Ante,” Forbes, April 26, 2016

- Brad Casemore and Rohit Mehra, “Riverbed Launches SteelConnect to Address the Needs of the Burgeoning SD-WAN Market,” IDC Link, May 9, 2016

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