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If you back up data at your branch or remote locations, you may want to reconsider. What if you could eliminate backup from your branch offices and actually improve the level of protection provided to branch servers and data? Learn how Riverbed helps you protect all of your data in your central datacenter where it is safe, reliable, and efficient.

Branch office backup is inefficient and prone to error

“We were trying to leverage the folks in field to do backups and to be our hands when we needed to work on servers remotely, but that wasn’t working. They are not IT people. It’s not what they do.”
Jerry Vigil, IT Director, Bill Barrett Corporation

Provisioning backup or replication hardware and software in each of your remote or branch office locations takes significant effort and is a drain on your IT budget. Backing up data at remote locations is notoriously unreliable, and the job tends to fall on non-IT employees. Worse, too many remote locations rely on tape backup systems and software that are expensive and hard to manage. Multiply the daily management of backup processes across many locations and you have a significant challenge on your hands.

Safely store and back up your branch data in the datacenter

With SteelFusion branch converged infrastructure, your edge VMs and data are stored and managed centrally without compromising the local performance needed by your branch workers. All branch data changes are synchronized to centralized storage for continuous data protection to the data center where you can also use mature enterprise-class practices such as array-based snapshots, replication, and deduplication.

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Reduce cost and risk while improving backup and recovery

“SteelFusion allows us to eliminate physical hardware in the remote offices and the associated maintenance costs, solidify a disaster recovery strategy for these offices, and have backup processes run by system administrators in the data center.” 
– Mitchel Weinberger, IT Manager, GeoEngineers

SteelFusion makes is possible for you to eliminate the need to purchase, install, and manage dedicated backup solutions in remote sites. You can now use existing datacenter people, process, and technology to protect your branch data and improve your recovery point and recovery time objectives. This translates into cost for both capital and operational costs.

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