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Data outside the datacenter is a security risk. Today’s businesses store over half of their data in remote and branch offices where it is subject to natural disasters, hacking, political turmoil, or outright theft. What if you could store, secure, and manage all of your data where it's safest, in your datacenter or public cloud, while guaranteeing that your end users still get local performance, even during WAN outages?

Your data belongs in a secure datacenter, not in risky places

Branch offices lack the security protection and defenses found in a datacenter. Yet, you have no choice but to maintain local servers, storage, and backup to make sure users are productive. Managing your data in far-flung, remote locations presents many logistical and technological challenges that bring complexity, expense, and risk.

Data centralization in the secure datacenter or cloud - without sacrificing performance

SteelFusion branch converged infrastructure enables “stateless” secure branch services. SteelFusion’s unique approach of data centralization consolidates data from remote and branch offices into the datacenter or public cloud where physical access is strictly controlled and backup and replication policies and procedures are stringent, your branch data is much more secure. All applications run locally without any performance penalty.

With SteelFusion a working set of data is projected to your branch at any given time. SteelFusion delivers data securely from the data center using SSL and encrypts data while in use in the branch using advanced AES 256-bit encryption. Data on stolen appliances or drives is inaccessible without admin authentication.

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Reduce business risk while lowering costs

Data centralization with SteelFusion helps you deliver the applications and data needed by remote workers without the risk of having data in uncontrolled environments. When you control and secure your data with SteelFusion, you reduce risk to your business operations, slash branch IT costs and drive greater utilization of datacenter investments.

Data centralization in the secure datacenter or cloud - without sacrificing performance
We do business in locations where the data may not be physically secure. - Searl Tate, Director of Engineering, Paul Hastings

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