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Users working from home, branches, central offices and distant locations often are frustrated with slow application performance that impacts the ability to collaborate. What if you could enable those workers to overcome the distance gap? Learn how SteelHead solutions work in data centers, branches, mobile, virtual and cloud environments to accelerate file transfers and sharing and collaborative-based applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, Lync and OneDrive.

Distance and location make collaboration necessary… and difficult

“Our workforce uses a range of applications from CAD, GIS and Microsoft Office applications, to Exchange Email, SharePoint and Microsoft CRM…. Our staff often has to work on very large files − hundreds of megabytes  and it is not easy to share those across the WAN. It might take us 2 hours to transfer a typical l720 MB file from one office to another.“ 
-Courtenay Bernier, Information Technology Manager, GeoEngineers. Read the customer story >

Businesses generate and users consume more information than ever. Huge files must move between data centers, to the cloud or from central locations to branches. Virtual machines, network captures, files of all types and databases might be relocated regularly, perhaps daily. Exchanging data and files over hybrid WANs often results in long delays in delivery to users.

Collaborative-based solutions such as SharePoint sites and instances are proliferating across enterprise data centers as well as branch and remote offices. Email remains one of the most-used collaborative solutions and Microsoft® Exchange Server is the corporate standard. And users and business groups are adopting new collaboration tools all the time.

Yet distance and location remain common barriers to quick and easy file transfers, file sharing and other collaborative applications, as well as users' productivity.

SteelHead solutions enhance and speed up collaboration no matter where workers are located

With Riverbed SteelHead application performance management solutions, you can overcome bandwidth and geographical limitations, improve productivity and enable global collaboration across consolidated data centers and distributed branch offices, in virtualized and cloud environments and on the go. Whether file transfers, file sharing or collaboration-based applications like SharePoint, SteelHead solutions accelerate applications up to 97x faster.

Streamlining technologies help SteelHead:

  • Reduce bandwidth utilization by up to 99%
  • Decrease the packets required to transfer data up to 98%
  • Accelerate encrypted traffic, eliminating the security/performance trade-off
  • Minimize application competition by up to 98%
  • Ease deployment through automatic discovery of SteelHead solutions and traffic interception − with no changes to user devices or IT infrastructure
  • Simplify application and user management with simple, powerful interfaces and in-depth reporting

In addition, specific applications can be given priority for available bandwidth,using Riverbed policy-based quality of service (QoS), business-intent-based path selection and load balancing.

Learn more about SteelHead >

Accelerate transfers and collaborative applications, identify and prioritize business-critical applications, defer infrastructure upgrades

“The improvement in user experience was so astonishing that users were willing to pay for the implementation of Riverbed out of their own pockets. In our annual internal customer satisfaction survey based on information gathered from 1,700 of our users, network performance, which year-on-year always received the worst rating, did not receive a single complaint this year.”
-Deon Myburgh, Group ICT Opera­tions Manager, Medi-Clinic Southern Africa. Read the customer story >

SteelHead solutions increase performance for applications up to 100x and, for specific apps, 100x or more, no matter where the user is located. Users have the applications they want when and where they want them – with local quality performance and improved productivity even for remote workers.

SteelHead solutions select the best path for application acceleration everywhere by distinguishing between and prioritizing business-critical and recreational traffic. SteelHead also defers costly network bandwidth upgrades by reducing bandwidth utilization up to 99%, so that IT can strategically deploy infrastructure and budget resources.

SteelHead provides IT with optimization of all applications across the hybrid WAN, better visibility of application, network and the end user experience and control through application-aware, business intent-based policies  that prioritize the delivery of mission-critical applications over the most optimal, fastest networks.

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