How You Can Leverage the Economics of Delivering Applications from the Cloud

Built for public cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware ESX-hosted clouds and vCloud Air, SteelHead CX for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds extends the #1 optimization solution for the hybrid enterprise WAN to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) public clouds. By overcoming application and network performance problems with data, application and transport streamlining, SteelHead CX speeds migration to the public IaaS cloud and accelerates access for users from virtually any location.

Access to and responses from IaaS public clouds can be slow and unpredictable

“With everything in the cloud and the growing use of mobile devices, Internet access becomes more critical…. We started an ambitious IT transformation program two years ago, with the consolidation of file and print services and application servers to our data centers and the introduction of some cloud-based applications such as and Amazon AWS as an IaaS provider. This change is shifting the IT team’s focus from MPLS and data center quality of service to ensuring fast, reliable Internet access for every employee.” 
-Lionel Marie, Network Architect, Schneider Electric

As organizations migrate their initial data and later broaden their application footprint into the cloud, ensuring that applications perform as needed and as guaranteed becomes critical. Reduced control and manageability of infrastructure performance, as well as difficult migrations and complex deployments, can challenge IT.

Public, private and hybrid cloud environments all face the same performance limitations inherent in today’s networks and applications – bandwidth constraints, latency and competition among applications.

Speed your migration to IaaS public clouds

“We have projects that need to get underway, but with our legacy data centers we aren’t able to do that. Moving to the cloud gives our company more agility.“
-Lionel Marie, Network Architect, Schneider Electric

SteelHead CX’s compatibility with a wide variety of cloud services gives organizations the freedom to move between cloud providers with ease. IT can easily deploy and manage SteelHead CX in just a few clicks and quickly integrate with other SteelHead solutions.

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Accelerate applications to and from IaaS public clouds

“As Microsoft Azure works to erase the boundaries between cloud development and operational management, we look to partners like Riverbed to provide the application performance infrastructure that optimizes the end user’s experience when apps are delivered via the cloud.”
Garth Fort, General Manager of System Center and Virtualization, Microsoft

SteelHead CX for IaaS public clouds enables the flexibility required for complex environments − without the performance headaches. You can authorize your servers to redirect connections to the appropriate SteelHead as needed and scale your cloud as you grow and as demand fluctuates due to business needs by leveraging cloud elastic sizing and cloning. Monthly subscription terms enable cost management and the ability to cost-effectively offer the right service level based on user demand.

SteelHead CX extends application optimization and acceleration to IaaS clouds, enabling business choice and agility while meeting user needs. SteelHead’s GeoIQ for Office 365 guarantees users always have optimal optimization for their Office 365 mailbox no matter where the Office 365 mailbox or the user are located.

SteelHead CX also improves IT visibility by seamlessly integrating with SteelCentral NetProfiler for end-to-end network monitoring and reporting and SteelCentral AppResponse for end-user experience monitoring for web and SaaS applications. It also improves problem resolution with on demand gathering of packet and flow data from the branch through activation of SteelCentral NetShark.

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