Extending the SD-WAN with Industry’s Most Powerful Cloud-Enabled Wi-Fi

riverbed sd-wan and xirrus wi-fi join forces

Who is Xirrus?

Xirrus is the leading provider of high-performance wireless networks, performing under the most demanding circumstances and offering consistent “wired-like” performance with superior coverage and security.

Whether you need a simple, low cost network for 10 users in a small or remote office, or a high density solution for 100,000 users in a stadium, Xirrus Wi-Fi delivers fast, reliable, secure service you can count on… today, and as your needs change tomorrow.
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Why Xirrus?

Xirrus Wi-Fi solutions are designed to dynamically adapt to the real-time demands of all-wireless connectivity, ensuring the quality of experience necessary to take full advantage of mobile devices in any environment.

Xirrus delivers the only Wi-Fi solutions that:

  • Let you manage from the cloud, on-premise or standalone
  • Eliminate “rip-and-replace” expenses by using an adaptable platform
  • Ensure a superior user experience with solutions right-sized for all density needs
  • Reduce installation and equipment up to 75% by using fewer access points

Ready to get started?

Try a Xirrus High Performance Access Point for free, contact us for more info, or find out how to buy. We’re here to help you get ahead.