Your IT Vendor’s SLA Won’t Protect Your Business

Although SaaS, cloud providers, and IT outsourcers benefit the enterprise, there’s a disadvantage to relying on apps run on infrastructure outside of your control. SLAs offered by IT vendors covering infrastructure uptime, incident response time commitments, and penalties are insufficient to guarantee excellent end user experience.


SteelCentral EUEM provides you with the ability to:

  • Augment the overall availability metrics provided by your IT vendor with application performance SLAs that reflect actual end user experience as vendor-hosted apps render on users’ devices
  • Speed problem resolution by troubleshooting application performance problems to your users’ devices or to the servers and related network infrastructure of your IT Vendor
  • Hold your IT vendor accountable to application performance SLAs, by comparing performance before and after app and infrastructure upgrades and across geographies or device types
  • Validate the benefits of your IT vendor’s service by comparing the application performance of apps delivered by your vendor to those run in your own data centers

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