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Riverbed | Aternity's EUEM solution revealed the problem in an unexpected place.

Virtually every large organization in the public sector has a number of IT applications that are absolutely critical to its operations. These software applications are essential for operations, finance, communications and more. And some of these applications are relied upon by single employee, every day, for performing their jobs.

Two of the most widely used apps that fit this description are Microsoft 365 and Teams, but there are many others as well.

When one of these essential applications goes down or doesn’t work properly, the impact is major. Work slows or stops, critical tasks don’t get done, tempers and stress levels rise. This was the situation experienced recently at a major federal law enforcement agency – Teams wasn’t working properly.


Focus on the Mission

Leveraging Riverbed | Aternity visibility solutions lets NetOps teams spend less time looking for problems where they don’t exist, and more time supporting agency missions.

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End-to-End Network Visibility

Riverbed | Aternity end-to-end visibility solutions enables public sector agencies to achieve actionable insights.

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Customer Journey

Visibility Void

This agency has agents and officers dispersed in remote locations across the nation and world, and many were experiencing significant difficulty with Microsoft Teams, which had quickly become a heavily used and relied upon collaboration tool for the agency. The app wasn’t working properly for many users - from agents in the field to senior management at headquarters in Washington, D.C. Users were experiencing poor video quality, latency, jitter, or system instability. And for many, the app would ultimately crash.

The IT team worked intensively to identify the cause of the problems, but they were frustrated. Their network environment – like most federal agencies – was complex, a combination of on- premises and cloud environments, different applications, hardware devices, dispersed user locations, local and wide area network environments, and more. It was difficult to determine what was causing the problems. Some members of the IT team described their situation as having “a visibility void.” They needed more information.

Identifying the Issue

Even before the pandemic and the increase in telework, the difficulty of trying to integrate, maintain, and secure agency IT environments was extremely challenging. And growing more so. Federal agencies can’t afford to have significant network blind spots, particularly when it comes to end users and their devices.

Fortunately, as a significant user of Riverbed's Network Acceleration Solutions, this agency knew their Riverbed team could help expand the visibility into their network. With their assistance, they began to look more closely at individual end users who were experiencing the most serious problems.

At the Riverbed team's suggestion, an Aternity End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) agent was installed on a senior executive user’s laptop computer. Within minutes, they were able to determine that the root cause that was preventing Teams from working correctly was insufficient memory on the user's device. This small, often overlooked, issue was causing major impacts on productivity. The agency’s IT Team was also able to quickly determine how widespread this problem was by utilizing the detailed performance metrics from each end user’s device provided by Aternity EUEM.

End-to-End Network Visibility

With the insight they needed into the cause of the problem, the IT team was able to quickly correct the situation across the agency and ensure that Teams was running smoothly for all users and that agents, officers, and other stakeholders using this mission-critical app were able to collaborate and communicate effectively. The agency also gained a new appreciation for the integrated offering of Riverbed | Aternity to quickly troubleshoot problems affecting other apps and devices.

Time is the scarcest resource. Keeping critical software applications running properly, smoothly, with fast page-loading and processing times is a major time-saver and productivity enhancer. Less time waiting for app – and less time troubleshooting – means more time spent being productive and advancing the mission.

Riverbed | Aternity enables complete end-to-end visibility across the entire network environment, providing crucial insights IT teams need to quickly identify root causes of problems from the end user to the cloud. Riverbed’s Unified Network Performance Management Platform gives agencies visibility from the cloud to the network infrastructure, while Aternity’s Digital Experience Monitoring Platform offers insights into end users and their devices.

Riverbed | Aternity solutions lets agencies spend less time looking for problems where they don’t exist, and more time supporting the mission.

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