Redefining Networking for a Cloud-Centric World

Expectations from you and the network have come a long way since the 1990s. It's time you use a solution that meets today's needs.

Riverbed's SD-WAN (software-defined WAN) solution provides an intelligent and intuitive approach to designing, deploying and managing distributed networks for today's hybrid enterprise.

How can SD-WAN help me...

Reduce IT Costs?

Hybrid WANs can significantly cut costs but are harder to manage. A solution to intuitively manage at scale without compromising performance is needed.

Improve IT Agility?

Legacy workflows do not scale today’s complexity levels. A fundamental rethink of networking is needed that can add to the agility from cloud.

Ensure Performance in the Cloud?

The cloud can be incredibly powerful, if managed well. Integrated visibility, optimization and control are needed for true performance.

New era. New needs. New network.

Enterprise employees need instant and direct connectivity to services in the public or private cloud, wherever they are located. IT teams need an easy, centralized way to provide those services. That could mean provisioning new sites within a day, adding capacity to the network, or changing application priority. It all needs to be agile.

Enterprise Networking for the Cloud Era

Unified connectivity: Centrally manage a unified connectivity fabric across WANs, branch office LANs and cloud networks. The network can now be treated like it really is, hybrid but unified.

Business-aligned orchestration: Networks can be complex, but managing them does not have to be. Use policy-based workflows naturally aligned to the language of business: Applications, Users, Locations, Performance SLAs and Security requirements.

Cloud-centric workflows: Design every aspect of a distributed network before deploying any hardware. Instantly deploy physical devices into a network. Now, there’s so many ways to extend agility from the cloud into the WAN. 


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