Software-defined WAN solution for application-centric control



  • Adapt quickly to meet user needs
  • App performance demands
  • IT’s limited or complete lack of visibility into the state and performance of apps

SteelConnect's software-defined WAN solution can manage hundreds of applications, including policy configuration and reporting. The solution identifies applications, enables prioritization of apps based on quality of service (QoS), allows the addition of custom customer applications, and features Application Groups to easily enable intent-based policy definition. SteelConnect ships with an Application Catalogue with hundreds of apps identified and categorized.


With SteelConnect, you can:

  • See how bandwidth is being consumed – for example, by what app and user – in the SteelConnect Traffic Timeline
  • See the application in a unified view of your environment once it is identified by the app engine
  • Easily change your intent-based policy in real time, based on new insights derived from app reporting metrics 

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