AI for IT Operations (AIOps)

Learn how AIOps streamlines IT operations and service delivery using artificial intelligence and automation.
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Customer Challenge

Modern IT is Exponentially More Complex

Today’s IT teams are being flooded with overwhelming volumes of data and alerts that fail to provide diagnostic context. It is no longer practical for IT teams to analyze and correlate this data manually and still meet operational expectations. This is where AIOps can help.


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Our Approach

The Riverbed Platform Addresses Customer Challenges

The Riverbed Platform offers the means to not only cope with the evolving digital landscape but to thrive in it, relieving IT of the burden of manually collecting and analyzing data from across IT systems.

Observability Capabilities

Capture full-fidelity data to monitor across the IT landscape

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Intelligent Capabilities

Enable IT departments to implement AI across observability tools to transform IT operations

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Riverbed Platform

Help organizations to build actionable strategies and benefit from full-stack telemetry AI operations.

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How we do it


According to Forrester Research, AIOps and observability are future fit technologies and vital practices for high-performing organizations. Unified observability is essential for more precise AIOps outcomes – the better the data, the better the results. Riverbed leverages high-fidelity observability data across the full technology stack – network, infrastructure, applications and end user experience — in its AIOps.

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Delivering Actionable Insights to Network Operations

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Anomaly Detection

Riverbed seamlessly connects all your observability data, whether ours or someone else’s and then applies multi-modal artificial intelligence. We combined causal AI to identify root cause of issues, predictive AI to forecast future problems, generative AI to make smart recommendations, and explainable AI to give you confidence in your decision making.

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4 Key Benefits of AIOps

Why use AIOps and how to get the most out of it.



Correlation is about discovering patterns and relationships. It makes logical connections between data from across the technology stack and groups related events. Riverbed uses both correlation and clustering techniques to identify and prioritize alerts.


Riverbed IQ

RIVERBED IQ: A Day in the Life of Two IT Managers



Easily automates manual tasks using our no/low code runbooks to create and execute workflows on-demand, on a schedule, or automatically based on triggers. Riverbed automate incident response, forensic analysis, intelligent ticketing, or service desk remediation workflows.

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Analyst Report

EMA: Riverbed Introduces Automation


Riverbed IQ

SaaS-delivered AIOps service that surfaces impactful issues with the context to resolve them fast.

Riverbed Portal

Leverages cross-stack observability data to create dynamic dashboards for ensuring digital experiences.


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