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What is Mobile Digital Employee Experience Management?

For front-line workers and other employees who rely on mobile devices for their jobs, poor digital experience negatively affects productivity and customer service. IT is responsible for the digital experience of these employees, just as they are for employees who use laptops and PCs. Mobile Digital Employee Experience enables them to proactively identify and resolve issues affecting the full range of mobile apps and devices used by the workforce.

Benefits of Aternity Mobile
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Aternity supports Android and iOS devices from multiple vendors

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Device and Network Insights

A broad range of device and network telemetry helps you identify issues fast

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Application Performance

Visibility into mobile app usage and performance

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Employee Engagement

Bi-directional communications fosters engagement and feedback


Proactive Alert Detection

Identify alerts and fleet inventory across the enterprise. Track inventory by brand and OS to identify the need for upgrades to new versions.

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Preemptive Management of Device Health

Address chronic issues by tracking trends in mobile device health by brand and model to determine upgrades or changes. Determine the specific cause of poor health scores to improve employee experience.

Mobile Experience Fleet Health

Troubleshooting Individual Device Issues

Track device and network health, WiFi and cellular usage and signal strength, and mobile app usage for a full picture of performance​.

Mobile Device HW Health Ashlee

Mobile App Usage and Performance

Monitor app performance and usage to detect performance and productivity issues. Track the traffic generated by each app, the start and stop time of the app, and the domains the users were accessing to ensure compliance with company policies.

Aterrnity Mobile App Usage

Bi-directional Employee Engagement

Send contextual and personalized information to employees to gather feedback and provide guidance

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