Three Editions Aligned to Your DEM Journey







Control operations costs with proactive device monitoring and automated remediation.

Improve First Contact and First Level Resolution rates with visibility into the performance of leading productivity applications.

Improve Mean Time to Detect and Mean Time to Repair with proactive alerting and ServiceNow integration.

Mobilize the remote workforce with insights into application and device performance and employee experience.

Track usage and performance for every enterprise application, even SaaS and Shadow IT, to hold vendors accountable.

Reduce IT asset costs for device refresh and enterprise software license renewal by considering actual employee experience and usage.

Improve collaboration application performance with proactive monitoring of call quality for leading collaboration applications like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Mitigate the risk of IT transformation by comparing digital employee experience before and after IT changes.

Benchmark IT service to get insights into improvement areas with the highest potential impact.

Optimize critical business application performance with visibility into what employees and customers actually see when they use any enterprise application.

Speed up Mean Time to Repair with end-to-end activity tracing from employee or customer devices all the way to the application back-end for full visibility into the performance of every transaction.



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