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Quantifying Performance in the Age of Cloud

Understand the metrics that matter and mitigate risk when moving to the cloud

More and more organisations are moving their local applications to the cloud. But how do you achieve the same performance you used to expect on local servers?

Join Leigh Finch, Riverbed’s Distinguished Performance Consultant, as he discusses ways to mitigate risk when planning cloud migrations, what level of performance you should expect and the best ways to measure performance including using Riverbed’s AppResponse Cloud.

This webinar is essential for anyone keen to better understand the telemetry that matters in the cloud and how to build a strategy to mitigate potential problems when making the transition.

Discussed in this webinar:

  • How do we quantify performance of existing applications
  • How do we identify high risk applications prior to migration
  • How do we ensure applications that are migrated performing as expected
  • What do we do when applications in the cloud aren’t performing

Leigh will be answering questions on topics covered in this webinar so please come prepared with any questions you have on Riverbed services and software.

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leigh finch

Leigh Finch

Distinguished Performance Consultant Riverbed Technology
nathan godsall

Nathan Godsall

Director, Solutions Engineering Riverbed Technology

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