Global Credit Union

Global Credit Union leverages Riverbed, gaining visibility and actionable insights to deliver high-quality employee and member experiences.


  • Lacked end-to-end visibility into its environment
  • Unable to produce metrics and data easily and accurately for performance baselines and improvement
  • Had trouble isolating problems
  • Less than optimal critical incident resolution and troubleshooting


  • Extensive monitoring dashboards to oversee critical applications across its 72 locations
  • Faster, more efficient problem diagnosis and issue resolution
  • Increased security, stability, and performance for the best member experience
  • Reduced incident counts by 150-200 per month with auto remediation
  • A stable, high performing environment for users, which translates to high-quality member service


Global Credit Union (formerly known as Alaska USA Federal Credit Union) previously had disparate monitoring tools, none of which could explain, in one single pane of glass, incidents across their complex infrastructure or why applications weren’t performing to expected levels for end-users at its many locations. Because many of the tools were unique to each application, the credit union struggled to understand the impact of events across the environment. With Riverbed, Global has gained visibility into its entire environment–becoming proactive rather than reactive. Global is using actionable insights from full-fidelity telemetry that spans the enterprise to improve user experience, ultimately providing its members with high-quality experiences.

Global Credit Union is the 18th largest credit union in the United States. Headquartered in Alaska, where it was founded in 1948, this not-for-profit financial services cooperative is owned by over 700,000+ members throughout the world. It operates through a network of 72 locations with branches in Alaska, California, Washington, Arizona, and Idaho. Technology plays a significant role in providing a seamless member experience in the credit union’s cloud strategy.



Riverbed Platform portfolio including:

“The Unified Observability solution from Riverbed has given us the ability to provide a stable, high performing environment for our users, which translates to high quality experiences for hundreds of thousands of members.”

Doug Horner, Senior Vice President & IM Operations

Global Credit Union

“We can have proactive engagements, where we say, let’s start repairs on Tuesday at midnight instead of during the day so we don’t impact daily operations. The analysis of the data and being able to report on it is equally as important as the remediation itself, because we can fix it proactively.”

Sol Posenjak, Senior IM Operations Engineer

Global Credit Union


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